Spaced Out Radio Monthly Contributors

R Keith Andrews

On the first Friday of every month, ET Contactee R Keith Andrews discusses the purpose of aliens coming to Earth, and having contact with us. Keith is not only an ET Contactee, he’s also highly intuitive. Keith’s gifts have helped him help others for more than 30 years. Keith proclaims he has been in touch with more than 25 different Extraterrestrial species since childhood. He is a near death experiencer as well.

Keith’s Website:

April Elizabeth

Elizabeth April joins Spaced Out Radio the first Tuesday of the month to help enlighten us on the spiritual path we all have. Whether it’s connecting with spirit, getting our chakras in tune, or learning how to channel, her vast knowledge is a great addition to our team. Elizabeth is regularly featured internationally on radio, podcasts, television and major events which include: Los Angeles California’s Alien Con, Toronto’s Cosmic Alien Expo, New York’s infamous Lilly Dale Assembly and is a contributor to one of the most popular alternative media outlets Collective Evolution. Elizabeth has given readings to clients all over the world including Europe, Australia, South Africa and North America.

A graduate from McMaster University with a double major honours in Political Science and Communication Studies, Elizabeth is also a certified Life Coach Practitioner under the CCF. Regardless of her accredited skills, she was born with special gifts to see peoples energy and heal them through information.

Elizabeth has gained a strong online presence of 25,000+ across all social media outlets which is growing at a rapid pace. Whether you’re receiving an individual reading, following her channel on YouTube or sitting in her audience, the information channelled through Elizabeth April will leave you feeling in tune with the limitless possibilities existing within the universe.

Samantha Mowat

Samantha Mowat joins Spaced Out Radio’s Dave Scott on the second Tuesday of every month. Samantha is a highly evolved clairvoyant, as well as she’s been an ET Contactee since childhood. Samantha’s segment, called ‘The ET Experience’, discusses everything from personal experiences to different types of aliens that she and others have been in contact with. Samantha’s goal is to help enlighten listeners about ET Contact and why it is happening.

Samantha’s Website:

Ronald Murphy

The Crypto Guru, Author Ronald L. Murphy, Jr. joins Spaced Out Radio on the second Wednesday of each month to talk about the amazing cryptids and sightings people are having on a daily basis. Ron is a foremost author when it comes to the subjects of faeries, mermaids, dogman, big foot and so much more. He beautifully paints a picture of these experiences people are having. His research and dedication to the topics have him one of the most sought out guests for media and paranormal conferences.

Joanna The Medium

Every second Sunday, Joanna The Medium joins Paisley Town and James Tyson on Spaced Out Weekend’s Two Mediums and a Large. Joanna is a highly intuitive psychic/medium. Using her guides and her tarot cards, Joanna’s speedy talents help bring messages to callers to the show immediately. Joanna is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Joanna’s popularity has her continually voted one of the top psychics in B.C.

Her Website:

Jamie Sexton

Rebel Planet News

Jamie Sexton, owner of the start up, Rebel Planet News, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, brings the hard hitting topics of conspiracy to the table. Jamie is featured the third Thursday of every month on Spaced Out Radio, with his segment called Rebel Planet News. From chem trails to government and media conspiracy, Jamie’s goals are to shed light on the topics being covered up. A Musician, performer, writer and owner of Rebel Planet News. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Jamie Sexton spent most of his early adult years making a living as a working musician, primarily as a vocalist and guitar player for several local and touring rock bands, including the band Sexx. In 1998, Jamie relocated to Hollywood CA. to continue his music career, as well as a brief stint in the acting business.

In 2007, he moved to Las Vegas NV where he opened a web based business and continued to write and perform music in the local scene. Aside from his career and talent in the entertainment industry, Jamie also has a long standing interest in geopolitics, national politics and sociology. For the past 25 years, he has pursued these interests in study, and has applied his passion and talents for writing in examining world affairs, often beyond the scope of what the mainstream or conventional media dares to expose.

In an era of misinformation and mixed or incomplete messages from mainstream media sources… He has recently decided to take his passion in global and domestic political and social affairs to the next level. Jamie [Sexton] is the owner and CEO of Rebel Planet News, which is set to officially launch later this year [2017].

“Our goal, is to offer an avenue for people to get reliable, hard hitting information which we feel isn’t always available, especially to the extent it should be to the people. We live in a ‘corporate’ society, where the dissemination of information by mainstream or conventional agencies, is dictated, filtered and censored by their corporate parents. We live in a world where ‘truth’ is only as evident as the information we are given, which falls tragically short of being accurate or complete… at best.

In a time where the term ‘fake news’ has become a trivial catch phrase, to describe the marginal or alternative sources of information… at Rebel Planet News, we intend to sort through the layers of deception with any given issue, no matter which side of the fence it may lie, to get down to the truth, be it good, bad or ugly. Information is power, but misinformation is just as powerful if it isn’t checked. I was inspired to start this organization primarily because I felt what I was looking for didn’t exist. We hope to fill at least part of the void that needs to be filled in the information gap.”

Paisley Town

Paisley is Spaced Out Weekend’s resident numerologist on Two Mediums and a Large, airing every second Sunday. Paisley is a Metro Vancouver based intuitive medium (psychometry, tarot, numerology) and teacher. While trained in many mystical and psychic arts, it was when she was introduced to psychometry. Paisley is an expert in helping explain to listeners what the significance is regarding their birthdate, and age.

Paisley’s Website:

Butch Witkowski

Butch Witkowski joins Spaced Out Radio on the final Monday of each month. Butch is an old school investigator who tackles very in depth subjects from werewolf sightings in Pennsylvania, to human and animal abductions and mutilations. Butch is a connected source to many who’ve had experience with aliens and cryptids. He’s an active investigator who loves getting out in the field to get first hand research. Butch’s goal is to find the truth to what’s out there.

His Website: