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The UFO Phenomenon with Tom Sanger

February 12 @ 9:00 pm - February 13 @ 12:00 am UTC-8

Tom Sanger

While living in Seattle in early 1988, my UFO/ET experiences began suddenly and traumatically. Without going into detail regarding the upset and confusion of my first few months, what is important is that I was “led” to go to a mountain called the Pleiades in the North Cascades of Washington State. When I say “led” I just knew I was supposed to go there after seeing “the Pleiades” as a destination in the book “101 Hikes in the North Cascades”. My second trip up there for an overnighter was with a friend, Karen, and her niece, Shannon, age 8 and my daughter, Liah, age 11 (born on 11/11/77…hmmm…). We found a spot well up the Gold Run Pass Trail in a wide open alpine meadow with the majestic volcano, Mt. Baker, framed at the southern base of it. We lay in our sleeping bags in a row looking at the star filled sky above Mt. Baker and began to sing “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Within seconds a light about the size of Venus in the night sky came racing from left to right above us in the pitch dark sky. It was traveling at a much higher rate of speed than an airplane and did not have any extraneous blinking lights on it. It got about 3/4 of the way across the sky and suddenly expanded in a glow about twice its original size and then the glow subsided back to its size as first seen. It vanished over the mountains to the northwest. The next year I went up to the same spot in the meadow with a friend, Corrine, and I was amazed that a light raced across the sky in the same way and at about the same time of night but this time it grew into a glow twice its original size but then stayed that size and then went out of sight over the mountain to the northwest as the year before. I lay in my bag and looked out towards the star filled sky above Mt. Baker and suddenly a light appeared and then disappeared. At the exact instant it disappeared another light appeared but in a different location above the volcano. That light disappeared and again in another spot one blinked on all in the same instant. This went on for several minutes and I got the “thought” that I was being shown their ability to move through space and time instantaneously.
A month or so later Corrine and I went further up the Gold Run Pass Trail to the pass itself and then cut up to the east on the ridge that situated us right on a high ridge where we had spectacular views of Mt. Baker to the south and the mountain chain of Mt. Larrabee, the Pleiades and American Border Peak to the north. We brought along a tape recorder and played all the best New Age type music to get us in the mood for hopefully seeing UFO’s in the crystal clear night sky. Clearly all we saw were airplanes especially ones flying across the sky behind the Larrabee chain in Canada. We went into our tent worn out from a long day. I put on the recorder the Celtic harp music of Kim Robertson and was ready to climb in my sleeping bag. Corrine suddenly sat bolt upright and looked out the front door of the tent which was angled towards the Larrabee chain and said excitedly “What’s that?!”. She was pointing towards what to me was clearly yet another jet flying from left to right over Canada and behind the mountains. The light all of a sudden stopped dead in it’s tracks and made an abrupt 90 deg. turn and began heading towards our direction. We were both scrambling in the doorway to get our boots on so we could run outside and into an open part of the high meadow we thought would be a good landing spot. Wish I had a video of THAT scene!
The light continued up and somewhat over our heads but more to the west of us. It was a solid laser precision light about the size of Venus and had no blinking lights around it and made no sound. I tracked it using other stars as stable points in order to judge its trajectory. It was clearly moving in a somewhat erratic pattern in relation to the stars. It moved in that fashion down towards the base of Mt. Baker and then moved back and forth in the lower part of the sky once there. Neither one of us remembered the details of our last seeing it because the next thing we knew we were both heading back to the tent in a very altered and sort of “high” state of mind. For the next 3 months Corrine underwent an extreme alteration in her, as best as I can describe it, spiritual state. She could barely handle the changes she was going through and mind you she was a UFO skeptic when she first hit the hiking trail with me with myself being a novice regarding the phenomenon as well.
Years later during a regression session with me as the client, a professional therapist helped reveal that there was more to this incident than what Corinne and myself consciously remembered. We were onboard a UFO with a being who took us up so we could understand the configuration of the mountains from above giving them a meaning as far as their relation to one another on a grid system. We were given what would amount to a telepathic lecture by this being even though nothing of detail was revealed in the session. We were then taken far off the planet by this being so that we could observe the planet as a whole. We were able to see the light surrounding the planet and were told that the planet has a living beingness that envelopes it very much in keeping with the concept of Gaia.
Over the years after ’89 I would take individuals and groups up to these mountains in order for the people to have whatever experience they needed to have. There was never a agenda attached to what would be experienced up there so every person had their own reason for and result from being there and those personal experiences certainly did vary from individual to individual. The only constant was that everyone was in awe of being in such a spectacular natural wonderland. We didn’t see any UFO’s over the course of these years but that didn’t seem to be necessary since the trips became a meeting place for kindred souls many of whom needed a place such as this for whatever was ailing them on a spiritual level. One young man sort of summed it up at our point of leaving the mountain and he just sat and cried and cried and said over and over again, “I don’t want to leave…I’m home”.
In 1998 our group decided not to take the hike but instead drove from our cozy place we were all staying at, the Snowline Inn in Glacier, Wa., and we went all the way out to the high elevation parking lot at Artist Point at the very end of the Mt. Baker Hwy and decided to have our nightwatch there. The views from this location are spectacular at night with millions of stars seen in a pristine, pollution free sky and mountains framed against some of the darkest skies in the world. All of a sudden one of our group members who was looking north towards Mt. Baker shouted, “There’s one!” and we all turned to see an orange fireball go racing on the horizontal across the glacier carved valley. It had a tail that came from above it and one that came from below that met together further behind it. It travelled from the base of the volcano to the west and then suddenly disappeared when it got to the east. When we all left and walked down from our vantage point to the parking lot below, there was a couple there who had set up a large telescope and were looking at the sky through it. I interrupted their work and asked them if they had seen what we had and they said, “Yes”. I then asked the woman what she thought it was and she said in a conspiratorially joking way, “Roswell…Roswell…”.
In 1999 I was contacted by the Discovery Channel and asked if they could make a documentary of my trip up to the mountains. I agreed once I found out that an Australian film crew would be filming and editing the project since they would be far removed from those in Hollywood who would likely want to do a hack job on the subject of UFO’s. They did a wonderful job on the project and completely captured the essence of the experience. Our trip that year culminated in a group UFO nightwatch on film on 9/9/99 at Picture Lake with Mt. Shuksan in the near distance. No UFO’s but a memorable experience for all involved including the director who sat with us and told his long story of his own UFO oriented experiences in the Outback when he was a newspaper journalist in Sydney.
I’ve had many UFO/ET related experiences before and after going on these trips to these magical mountains but those are for another day. Suffice it to say that on their own these mountains in this wilderness region are natural wonders to behold but then throw in a mountain called the Pleiades and magic takes on an altogether different meaning.


February 12 @ 9:00 pm
February 13 @ 12:00 am
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