Author: UFO Seekers

UFO Seekers Investigates Frazier Mountain In California

UFO Seekers investigates Frazier Mountain in California for UFO activity. A UFO Sighting report was filed with MUFON in 02-2015, stating that bright objects were seen over Frazier Mountain and one of them actually flew away over the mountain. Another UFO Sighting occurred in 2004, reported to NUFORC, of a bright light in the sky over Frazier Mountain that eventually disappeared.   UFO Seekers is a non-governmental entity that investigates reports of abnormal activity in an attempt to document the UFO phenomenon. Our exclusive content is posted through our YouTube channel. Also visit our website for the latest UFO...

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Is This Real Video Of A White Bigfoot?

Is this a real video of a white Bigfoot? Although the video does not include a description, the author is analyzing video supposedly captured of a white Bigfoot. It was uploaded to YouTube on July 19, 2017. What do you think? Is this the elusive Bigfoot? VIDEO SOURCE: Bigfoot...

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