Author: Serena Dracus

What Whistleblowers?

Enter into a discussion about conspiracy theory, and sooner or later this argument comes up: “They couldn’t keep that a secret! With so many people involved someone would talk.” The implication, whether stated explicitly or left unsaid is, it would then be all over the media and everyone would know. The conclusion then follows that the theory must be false. Which sounds like a very reasonable argument on the surface, but take a look at the series of assumptions that feed into it. Someone in the know would talk. This person would go to a large mass media outlet....

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Smoke-Free Energy Cleansing

Removing heavy energies is an essential part of personal spiritual hygiene. Our bodies and personal spaces become entangled with the emotions, thoughts and energies of the people and places where we spend our time. Cleaning your energy on a regular basis is just as important as showering, vacuuming and doing the dishes. Practicing energy cleansing weekly, or even daily, can make dramatic improvements in your own mood and well-being. What’s Heavy Energy? Sometimes referred to as ‘dark’ or ‘negative’ these are energies that are lower in vibration; sadness, anger, grief, jealousy, to name just a few. They’re all part...

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