Author: Rick Hale

To The Rescue Of A Paranormal Investigator

As a paranormal investigator, I would never dream of conducting an investigation without the assistance and skills of a psychic. I understand that a large number of people might take issue with this statement so allow me to explain. A reliable medium can bridge the gap between the living and the dead, acting as a mouthpiece for those on the other side. However, there is a practice that some mediums engage in that I question, a practice called spirit rescue. Although this may sound nice, what if some spirits don’t need rescuing? There is no shortage of theories why...

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The World Of The Paranormal

The world of the paranormal can be a pretty controversial field of research. By it’s very nature it is highly subjective and has struggled to gain acceptance by both the mainstream media and scientific communities for well over a century. Why, you may ask, and to put it simply, the subject matter is excessively spontaneous and difficult to categorize. In the field, there are subjects that lead to further controversy as well as the dreaded “D” word, drama. This drama is usually caused because it’s hard for many to come to an agreement on anything in the field. I...

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The Universal Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Anybody who knows me, or has read my ramblings, knows that I’m not a fan of the many paranormal tv shows. I assure you, it’s nothing personal, nor do I find them objectionable, I’m just not a fan. With that being said, there was one that I enjoyed, if only only for the exotic locations in far away lands, Ghost Hunters International. When I first started watching the show something did not sit right with me. Actually one issue just did not seem logical. I found it unlikely that an American investigator could walk into a 600 year old...

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Poltergeists: Bullies From Beyond

Chances are that at one time or another as a child you were the victim of a bully. The daily ritual of going to school brought dread, knowing that someone was waiting to make your day just a little worse. You feared the day knowing that when you least expected it your books would be knocked from your hands or a shiny welt would be left as a reminder of the morning’s punch to your arm. Now imagine that your bully wasn’t a child from down the block but a violent, invisible force. It wasn’t content just to make...

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