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Author: Eric Marcum

History Of The Dewey Lake Monster

In June of 1964, a local legend in the Southwestern corner of Michigan took the country by storm. Reports of a strange creature terrorizing the locals around Dewey Lake in Cass County Michigan were in the news. Not just the local news, but in the New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and others. Soon sheriff’s deputies were called to direct traffic, and clear the monster hunters out of the area. Local businesses capitalized on the events. Novelty “Monster Hunting Kits” were sold in a local department store. Monster “Get Away” gas was sold at local stations, and a business...

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Sasquatch Noises Recorded In Cormorant Island B.C.

In a recent news clip I watched, it was reported that residents on Cormorant Island B.C. have been recording vocalizations of an unknown creature that according to one prominent Sasquatch researcher doesn’t match the known sounds of the area bestiary and might be a Sasquatch call. This would be wonderful news if it were proved to be true. Cormorant Island has a land mass of about 4 square kilometers, that’s 1.54 square miles for those of us not on the metric bandwagon. ​ It seems to me that if Sasquatch has managed to move to this small island of...

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Are Ghost Hunting Apps Real?

Anyone who has a smart-phone and is interested in ghosts has probably at least looked at the various ghost hunting apps available. In order to judge the validity of these apps we have to look into a few things about both modern smart phones and the apps themselves. Let’s start with a listing of the sensors that are commonly equipped on a mid-grade to high-end smart phone. Proximity sensors, magnetometers, accelerometers, light sensors, barometers, gyroscopes, and in some cases thermometers. There are a lot of things crammed into that handful of Lexan, and metal. ​ What do these things...

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Get The Facts For A Baseline

As both a trained scientist and paranormal experiencer, I find myself actively applying my education and work experience to the search for answers within the paranormal world. In the sciences, if I want to identify an organism, I use a microscope. If I want to check an electrolyte level I have chemical reaction tests that I can use to find this data. But what do I do when I want to document a ghost? It isn’t an easy task and I often wonder if the scientific method can be applied to investigating the paranormal? I believe it could be...

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