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Author: Dave Scott


Okay, this one may not make a lot of friends, but I’m going to go off on a little Guns N’ Roses rant here.  I’ve been a GNR fan since I first heard Appetite for Destruction in 1988.  I was hooked.  Of course, like everyone else, when I heard Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Jungle, I was rocking my mullet out.  But then I heard Paradise City, and realized that was it.  That was my song and I was hooked for life.  I never got to see the original band play.  Izzy Stradlin left and was replaced by Gilby Clarke, and Matt Sorum was the new drummer replacing Steven Adler during the Use Your Illusions tour back in 1992.  I had tickets for that show at BC Place with Metallica and Faith No More, but the tour was cancelled after Axl lost his voice and James Hetfield was burned by pyrotechnics in Montreal. So I waited.  Then Slash and Duff left the band, and then there was nothing.  Just memories and hope.  Then in 2011, Guns N’ Roses came back to Vancouver.  This time, the band was Axl, Dizzy Reed on Piano, Chris Pittman on keyboard, Richard Fortus on Rhythm Guitar, Frank Ferrer on drums, Tommy Stinson on bass, Dj Ashba on lead guitar, and Ron Bumblefoot Thal on lead guitar as well. So as a...

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Earlier in August, the brilliance and mind blowing words of Jim Marrs went silent, as the legendary conspiracy author passed away from a heart attack.  Jim was a passionate author about the truth, who protected his sources until the end.  Whether it was being the premiere researcher into the JFK assassination, looking into the awkward details of the 9/11 conspiracy, UFOs or the alien cover up, Jim was someone who was tapped in to the underground of where the truth lies.  With Jim’s passing are a plethora of unknown sources to most.  Men and women who helped Jim develop...

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I have said on Spaced Out Radio and in this blog numerous times that I am not a paranormal investigator.  There are sides to the paranormal that I cannot stand, and I don’t want to be a part of the problem that I have with the field of research.  However, I know every time I head to my local museum to talk people on a paranormal tour, I’m sitting there wondering am I a paranormal investigator now?  Or could I consider myself one?  I’m still leaning towards the ‘no’ answer to that one, but every day I’m starting to...

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Usually when I write my weekly blog, I pick a topic and run with it.  However this past week there’s been so many different story lines that I just figured I would run with a bunch of them. Sometimes the brain has so much going on that it’s hard to just pick a subject and run with it.  So here I go. – Eric Cooper from Forest Moon Paranormal and I are good friends.  We have a lot of the same ideas on the rights and wrongs of the paranormal.  Too many people.  Too many idealisms that don’t line...

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For those who know the story, this will be repetitive.  For those who don’t, well, this is one of the defining moments of Spaced Out Radio history, that is often repeated.  Whether you’re new to the show or whether you’ve been listening for a while, you’ve heard the name “Carl” pop up.  So here’s the back story.  On April 20, 2015, I was broadcasting out of my old home, which was a converted bedroom next to my front door.  My house was rancher style, and for some reason, I had been too lazy the few nights previous including that...

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