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Author: Dave Scott


Usually when I write my weekly blog, I pick a topic and run with it.  However this past week there’s been so many different story lines that I just figured I would run with a bunch of them. Sometimes the brain has so much going on that it’s hard to just pick a subject and run with it.  So here I go. – Eric Cooper from Forest Moon Paranormal and I are good friends.  We have a lot of the same ideas on the rights and wrongs of the paranormal.  Too many people.  Too many idealisms that don’t line...

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For those who know the story, this will be repetitive.  For those who don’t, well, this is one of the defining moments of Spaced Out Radio history, that is often repeated.  Whether you’re new to the show or whether you’ve been listening for a while, you’ve heard the name “Carl” pop up.  So here’s the back story.  On April 20, 2015, I was broadcasting out of my old home, which was a converted bedroom next to my front door.  My house was rancher style, and for some reason, I had been too lazy the few nights previous including that...

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The Motley Crue song “Home Sweet Home” couldn’t have been more true this past week when we were finally allowed back into our home after 15 days of evacuation from the destructive forest fires that raged and continue to rage around central British Columbia.  If you read my last two blogs, you’d have a sense of the scary time I was going through.  Living on an evacuation order and alert is not a fun way to live.  There is a heightened sense of paranoia that goes along with living in a danger zone, where even though the fire is...

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Living The Life Of An Evacuee

Our Town’s Worst Nightmare So this time last week, I had plenty on my mind. 16 hour days, and getting my SOR team ore focused on taking care of growing the business side of things. Life is always moving around SORville, to the point that sometimes I don’t know if I’m coming or going? It really is stressful at times, when I’m trying to breathe and yet my day continues to be full of movement, that keeps me going until usually around 1am every morning. That was until this past Thursday. Wednesday, July 5th was the two year anniversary...

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