Author: Dave Scott


Last week, the entire country of Canada became a laughing stock, and the butt end of jokes by comedians and politicians alike when our illustrious Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a drama teacher by education and trade, and a hunk to the ladies, decided to take his political correctness to a whole new level.  With one stupid word, this man, who was elected to represent Canada, has made most Canadians bury their heads in the sand until 2019, when they next have a chance to elect someone new as the country’s leader.  During a public town hall meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, a young lady asked the Prime Minister a question about charities and religion, when Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist who believes in a global community, interrupted her question, as she used the word, MANKIND.  The usage of the word ‘Mankind’, set the ever inclusive Prime Minister’s brain off.  Justin Trudeau stopped this young lady and followed up by correcting her saying, “We like to say ‘people kind,’ not necessarily mankind, it’s more inclusive.  We can all learn from each other!”  And just like that, #Peoplekind and Canada became a joke and an internet meme.  If you want proof, go on Facebook or Twitter and search #Peoplekind. In that same meeting, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces named Brock Blaszczyk, who lost his leg due to an IED...

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There have been quite a few people out there who think I have been highly and maybe overly critical of the entire Disclosure process since the New York Times article came out back on December 16th, 2017.  And even going beyond the NYT article, and going back to October 11th, when Tom Delonge held his To The Stars Telethon raising money for public research.  So I figured I would come on here this week and give my status on everything UFO, UAP or AATIP or whatever the hell we’re supposed to call flying saucers these days.  Along with the idea that I want to write my questions down that I would like answers to.  Now I’m sure there are going to be many more questions you, the reader have.  But for me, as a journalist and an experiencer, these are the ones that I feel are important to the cause. Before I get too deep into this entire process, I want to start off positively and remind everyone that I am very thankful the mainstream media finally took this topic seriously for the most part.  I think the topic of UFOs getting some serious run from the MSM is well overdue.  It reminds me of a time when my wife, and two friends were sitting on our patio one warm summer night.  We watched a bright white orb fly,...

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As someone who has been eye witness to two bigfoot within 100 feet of me, I can tell you the rush of seeing this mystical creature is something I’d love to see again.  The size of the body, combined with the fact that my mind couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I remember it clear as day, and it happened back in September 2013.  I’ve always been a believer in Sasquatch.  My personal belief was that First Nations here in Canada had talked about the great hairy man for centuries in their legends, especially here on the British Columbia West Coast.  So that’s why I love talking bigfoot so much on Spaced Out Radio, because it brings that experience back to light for me.  It’s something I’d love to have happen again, as I said.  And I’m working on that part.  I even have a Sasquatch gifting site in the forests around where I live.  We’ve found two different sized foot prints in the area the last two years.  So we’re hoping 2018 will be a great year in expanding our research into this bi-pedal wonder. This topic tonight leads me to the topic of a recent Netflix documentary I watched by Todd Standing called ‘Discovering Bigfoot’.  First off, I want to say this.  I do not know Todd, and have never talked with him on the phone, but...

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Legendary Bigfoot Researcher Passes Away

Dr. John Bindernagel, one of the most prolific voices for more than six decades in the study of Sasquatch has passed away after losing his battle with cancer at the age of 77.  The wildlife biologist, who was world renowned for his research into Bigfoot, was born in in 1941, residing most of his life on Vancouver Island, in Comox, British Columbia.  Dr. Bindernagel was a pioneer and critical researcher when it came to the creature, writing his first book in 1998 called, ‘North America’s Great Ape: The Sasquatch’. His passion for cryptid research took him all over the...

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I’m going to start this off with a hypothetical yet very real situation.  Let’s say you apply for a credit card.  Visa, American Express, Discover, Master Card, doesn’t really matter what it is.  In order to apply for credit, you need to fill out some pretty personal information.  You need to provide your legal name, address, birth date, Social Insurance Number, annual income, email address, where you work, and sometimes the name and information of your spouse, partner, or co-signor.  Now let’s say said credit card company then turned your personal information that you provided over to every major chain store out there, so they could solicit you for products, or know what you prefer to shop for and when your best buying time was.  Let’s say they targeted your mail, email, telephone texts, and social media accounts with their information.  How would you feel?  Would you complain to your government officials?  The credit card companies?  Would you seek a lawyer because your privacy has been infringed?  Look, at the best of times we all hate giving out our personal information, but we know we have to in order to get a mortgage, finance a purchase like a car or boat, get a credit card. The banks ask for it, and really we have no choice if we don’t have the money to pay cash.  But you don’t sit...

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