Spaced Out Radio was established in October of 2014, when Host Dave Scott, and good friend and mentor, Jonny Enoch started setting up the puzzle pieces to create a quality, journalistic radio show delving into the most arcane topics not discussed on the mainstream.

The idea for Spaced Out Radio came after Jonny suggested Dave got back on the radio to discuss his own personal experiences with the experts in their fields of research. The idea behind the show was to be different from what others in on-line radio were doing. So at the beginning, it was decided that Spaced Out Radio would run seven days a week at two hours per show. On November 30th, 2014, Spaced Out Radio went live for the first time with guest Alfred Lambremont Webre, discussing exo-politics.

Quickly, Dave learned that many experts were looking for a new show to discuss their topics, that was serious, hard hitting and took a journalistic approach. Rarely, right from the beginning, had Dave received declines on invitations to come on SOR. Dave ran the show for the first six weeks, seven days a week, before bringing in weekend hosts starting in January of 2015.

Since its inception, Dave has had many of the top experts partake in the show. From Andrea Perron, whose family experienced the true story of “The Conjuring”, UFO Researcher, Stanton Friedman to Crypto Experts like Linda Godfrey and Lyle Blackburn.

Spaced Out Radio is a Canadian show, that has developed fans literally across the globe, with listeners tuning in from Great Britain, France, Croatia, South Africa, China, India, Australia and New Zealand. Show topics that fans are most interested in are real life stories from people who’ve experienced the strange and unbelievable.

The common theme of Spaced Out Radio is to ensure the show stays true to the honesty and integrity its created since its introduction to online radio. The questions are hard hitting, and direct. However the motto is “We believe everybody, because we haven’t stepped in their shoes to understand their experience”. Everyone’s experience is different. Dave plans to continue searching for the human stories to what is happened here on earth and beyond the stars.