Last week, the entire country of Canada became a laughing stock, and the butt end of jokes by comedians and politicians alike when our illustrious Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, a drama teacher by education and trade, and a hunk to the ladies, decided to take his political correctness to a whole new level.  With one stupid word, this man, who was elected to represent Canada, has made most Canadians bury their heads in the sand until 2019, when they next have a chance to elect someone new as the country’s leader.  During a public town hall meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, a young lady asked the Prime Minister a question about charities and religion, when Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist who believes in a global community, interrupted her question, as she used the word, MANKIND.  The usage of the word ‘Mankind’, set the ever inclusive Prime Minister’s brain off.  Justin Trudeau stopped this young lady and followed up by correcting her saying, “We like to say ‘people kind,’ not necessarily mankind, it’s more inclusive.  We can all learn from each other!”  And just like that, #Peoplekind and Canada became a joke and an internet meme.  If you want proof, go on Facebook or Twitter and search #Peoplekind.
In that same meeting, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces named Brock Blaszczyk, who lost his leg due to an IED in Afghanistan in 2009 stood up to ask Canada’s fearless leader a question.  Blaszczyk asked the PM, “Back on August 24, 2015 you made the promise and I’ll quote it here, “No veteran will be forced to fight their own government for the support and compensation they have earned.” Yet you’re still currently in a legal battle with veterans regarding equal support and compensation to their peers…..” “So my question to you, Mr. Prime Minister, what veterans were you talking about?  Because you have ISIL or ISIS members coming into a reintegration program.  You did a backdoor deal with Omar Khadr with not even stepping into the court room.  So again, my question is what veterans are you talking about?  Was it the ones that fought for the freedoms and values that you so proudly boast about.  Or was it the ones that fought against?  Because honestly Mr. Prime Minister, I was prepared to be injured in the line of duty when I joined the military. Nobody forced me to join the military. I was prepared to be killed in action.  What I wasn’t prepared for Mr. Prime Minister was Canada turning its back on me!  So which veterans was it that you were talking about?”  Trudeau replied, “Thank you for your strength and being here to share your justifiable anger with me and with all of us here.  On a couple of elements that you brought up.   First of all, why are we still fighting against certain veterans groups in court?  Because they are asking for more than we are able to give right now.”  Trudeau then had to stop briefly the packed house from boo’ing.   Trudeau, the Trust Fund Kid, stumbled and bumbled to answer this veteran.
This also came on the heels of another bending of political correctness, when another what we call ‘Private Members’ bill was brought into law, which was the changing of the wording of the Canadian National Anthem.  Why did the anthem need changing?  Because apparently it was sexist, according to the politically correct.  The line “True patriot love, in all thy SONS command!”  Yes!  The word “Sons” is now an evil, sexist, misogynistic word in Canada.  So to include women, Prime Minister Trudeau and his minions brought into law, without any debate, “In all of US command.” Why?  Because it’s more inclusive.  The Canadian anthem, although not adopted as Canada’s official National Anthem until 1980 due to our connections with the Commonwealth, was written the way it was because of our SONS going to battle in the great wars of World War I and World War II.  During both wars, 61,000 Canadian soldiers, all MEN, died fighting oppression and Nazism, for freedom of the sovereign world.  However, in 2018, where unicorns and snowflakes rule the safe spaces, history was forgotten in favour of inclusiveness and feminism.  Many Canadians are in an outrage over this.  Canada is a country that is proud of its heritage and where it came from.  Canada is a blend of cultures and ideas reigning under a red and white flag with a Maple Leaf in the middle signifying home, safety and freedom.  Canada is a country where we don’t look down on each other, no matter your skin colour or where you came from.  However, the more many Canadians get hit with political correctness, and stupidity, the more we are getting upset, and looking to our brothers and sisters to the south, asking, “You think Donald Trump is bad? Try this shit on for size!”  It may not seem like a big deal to you, but I ask you, my American friends and listeners, how would you feel if the Star Spangled Banner was changed for political correctness or any reason?  What about God Bless America, where you could no longer play the beautiful version of Kate Smith, because it was insensitive to men.  You know, “Stand beside her, and guide her….”  See that’s wrong.  In Canada, due to political correctness, the words would have to be changed to, “Stand beside us and guide us…” because it’s more inclusive with today’s unicorn society.  Since people get offended when they’re left out.  You know the whole idea, where everyone in elementary school gets a participation ribbon now.  Because we’re not allowed to teach kids that out in the real world it is about competition as well as winning and losing.  How would you feel, America?  Would you be pissed off that your iconic anthem went politically correct?  Just for the beauty of it, I’ve attached Kate Smith singing at a Philadelphia Flyers game in 1974, at the following link.  This beautiful song about your nation was written specifically for Kate Smith to sing.  It’s iconic.  Listen to the fans to the reaction to Kate and her song!  Now change the fucking lyrics!  How would you feel?
Now if that doesn’t give you goosebumps or put a tear in your eye, then you’re heartless.  A national anthem isn’t a publicity stunt or a political statement.  A national anthem is a rallying cry to support the country.  A national anthem is supposed to remind those who of us who came after about the sacrifices that were made by those before.  For those who fought and died for the freedoms we cherish today.  It’s not a political statement, like it has been made here in Canada.  Now those on the left will tell you that us righties are a bunch of unibrow racists who can’t change with the times.  I disagree.  I look at this new faction of hippyism as an historically uneducated group who is thankless for the 61,000 men who died for what they have 70-plus years later.  Now many women are crying foul, stating, “It’s about time we’re included!”  and “Women died in the world wars too!”  I got that one a few times on Twitter.  Really?  Let this chauvanist pig explain something to you.  The 61,000 MEN who died, so you ladies could have your say 70-plus years later, were on the front lines.  WOMEN were not allowed to serve on the front lines.  During the war, the only position a woman could have aloft in the war was as a nurse.  And a damn good job those heroic ladies did.  But a total of ZERO women died fighting on the World Wars’s front lines.  They died during bombing raids by the Germans who attacked hospitals.  There is a HUGE difference.  So then the argument comes, “Well women have fought and died on the front lines in Afghanistan.  What about them.”  Good argument and point.  But the National Anthem was created to rally the country after and for the World Wars and how Canada came out of it stronger.  The problem with today’s society is too many people have forgotten about Winston Churchill’s very crucial statement: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!”  Especially our esteemed Prime Minister and his henchman! 
And we’re back to #PeopleKind.  Look up the hashtag on Twitter.  Look at Canadian reactions.  So in the last week, we’ve seen Canada become a joke where people like Piers Morgan, and others absolutely slammed Justin Trudeau about #Peoplekind.  Now, of course, after seeing the heat from across the country, Justin does what every politician does and says, “It was a joke!”  Claiming his jokes never seem to turn out.  Then again, which politician’s jokes ever do?  But it wasn’t a joke.  If it was a joke, where was the “just kidding” after interrupting the young lady.  No.  Justin took heat and continues to take heat from every corner of the world.  So much heat, that his chief advisor, Gerald Butts, who looks like a dude who was always picked last for red rover in the school playground, came out with his very non-Canadian tweet.  He stated, “The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they’re paying attention.  Game on, #TeamTrudeau.”  Now the Rebel is alternative reporter Paul Joseph Watson, who bashed the hell out of Trudeau.  But hold on a sec.  What the hell does this moron think Canada is?  When has Infowars or Alex Jones ever given a shit about Canada?  They haven’t!  You know why?  The “game” is too strong in the United States to worry about little old Canada.  Wait a second, Mr. Butts, I should quote Mr. Churchill for you again.  I mean, since we’re all Commonwealth family here.  “Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like.  But if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage!”  Does this make Mr. Churchill a nazi too?  Because I’m pretty sure he was against Hitler and the SS Regime.  I could be wrong.  What do your history books say?  Butts is one of these cheap shot artists that quickly stabs someone on social media before running back into hiding.  If he was really a Canadian, he’d be forced to drop the gloves on he ice and defend himself like a man.  Oh, I forgot, you were a goalie!  Well to anyone who has laced up hockey skates for a competitive game, we all can confirm 100% that you are a different breed altogether and now your ignorant and moronic tweet makes sense.  There is no inclusiveness for cheap shotting others, especially your fellow citizens.  Who gave you the athiest power to think you’re holier than thou?  What you look like, kind sir, is an asshole in sheep’s clothing.  And to quote you, Mr. Butts, GAME OVER!  Oh and I will throw in a “MIC DROP” as well for good measure.
And I haven’t even started in on Prime Minister Trudeau and his cronies thinking it’s a good idea to skip what the Supreme Court of Canada could have potentially ruled, and instead, paid off an ISIS terrorist, Omar Khadr, $10.5-million dollars, and gave him a public apology because the poor bastard, trained by his father who was an accountant and recruiter for ISIS, killed American Special Forces Medic, Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer.  But the horror for poor Omar, just 15 years old at the time, began when he was caught by Delta Force, then had to suffer the consequences at Guantanamo Bay.  Oh well.  Too bad.  I don’t care if he was indocterined into terrorism or not.  He killed.  Pay the consequences. But Justin and his cronies felt bad.  It wasn’t accepting for us Canadians what happened to him at Guantanamo.  Instead, before the Khadr case, Trudeau and his village of unicorns ordered to scrap the law set by Canada’s previous Conservative government which stripped anyone of Canadian citizenship if they chose to leave the country to fight for ISIL/ISIS.  This essentially barred them from returning to Canada.  But Justin, in his world of rainbows and fairy-tales that come true, decided they should be able to come back and keep their citizenship, so he repealed the Conservative law.  Saying it was unconstitutional.  He also believes terrorists fighting for almighty Allah, and a hatred towards western culture can be rehabilitated.  So much so, Trudeau is throwing taxpayer money at a new program to help ISIS/ISIL fighters who return to Canada to enter a reintegration program.  Huh?  This this same group that throws gay people off of buildings to their death for being homosexual.  Yet this is where Mr. Trudeau talks out of both sides of his mouth.  On one hand, he’s parading around PRIDE parades across the countries taking selfies, and then on the other side saying he wants these animals to come back home.  They’re not people.  They are animals who kill.  See Khadr.  So which is it, Justin?  Who are you supporting?  Oh that’s right.  In Justin’s world, we don’t have to pick sides as long as people say they’re sorry.   See the participation badge for everyone, again.
Oh Justin, just in case you haven’t seen this video of the Muslim Cleric in Vancouver calling for jihad, I thought I’d share this so you know this is happening in your Unicorn of Canada.
Get this.  In 2016, after Justin’s Liberals won election, a report by Public Safety Canada stated that returing “jihadis” may “have skills, experience and relationships developed abroad that could be used to recruit or inspire individuals in Canada.  They may also engage in terrorist financing, helping others to travel, or even planning attacks in Canada.  This was reported on by the CBC.  So where are these clouds Canada’s Prime Minster has his head hiding in?  I want some of these drugs.  Or maybe it’s Tide Pods that he’s on?  Whatever it is, Justin’s wasting taxpayer money on another hair-brained idea that’s going to fail.  I mean, what’s $35-million dollars more to spend on welcoming terrorists home?  Maybe a parade down Young Street in Toronto?  That way all the liberals can welcome their favorite former enemies home.  Tell that to the soldiers who are suffering from PTSD and other injuries from the war on terror.  Or better yet, tell that to the 158 Canadian soldiers who came home in a flag draped coffin, and had the long, winding Highway of Heroes salute.  If you don’t know what the Highway of Heroes is, then please check out the video below.  I don’t think Justin knows what this is, though!
So America, I know many of you are bothered by your President.  I see the messages and posts on social media daily.  But before you fall for Justin’s dimples and think we have it better up north, think again.  We have a man who was once quoted as saying “The budget will balance itself”, after proposing to run a deficit for four years straight.  Justin isn’t concerned with economies, taxes, a falling dollar, or people having opinions.  As  stated above, according to his right hand man, Gerald Butts, we’re all NAZIs for having an opinion opposing the Prime Minister.  He has alway praised publicly the dictatorships in Cuba and China.  That’s dangerous talk.  Very dangerous.  That kind of talk is not freedom of speech, which I do believe that many in Canada’s Liberal Party need to have a re-read on.  Scary times in Canada, and we have over a year to wait until our next election.  Until then, the Unicorn rides free into the sunset, looking for his Pegasus and Gnomes.    When you are scolded and called racist or a NAZI for having an opinion that is not in line with what the Prime Minister says, well that is extremely un-Canadian and is NOT what Canada is all about.  It’s madness and globalism wrapped into one.  Neither of which benefit Canada.
I’m sorry!  And I will NOT change, and continue to sing O’ Canada! with the lyrics ALL THY SONS COMMAND!
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