There have been quite a few people out there who think I have been highly and maybe overly critical of the entire Disclosure process since the New York Times article came out back on December 16th, 2017.  And even going beyond the NYT article, and going back to October 11th, when Tom Delonge held his To The Stars Telethon raising money for public research.  So I figured I would come on here this week and give my status on everything UFO, UAP or AATIP or whatever the hell we’re supposed to call flying saucers these days.  Along with the idea that I want to write my questions down that I would like answers to.  Now I’m sure there are going to be many more questions you, the reader have.  But for me, as a journalist and an experiencer, these are the ones that I feel are important to the cause.
Before I get too deep into this entire process, I want to start off positively and remind everyone that I am very thankful the mainstream media finally took this topic seriously for the most part.  I think the topic of UFOs getting some serious run from the MSM is well overdue.  It reminds me of a time when my wife, and two friends were sitting on our patio one warm summer night.  We watched a bright white orb fly, east to west.  No sound.  No other lights.  It was around one thousand feet to fifteen hundred feet above the Fraser River, before it banked south, then made a U-turn, headed back north before dropping right out of the sky.  We talked about it for about 15 minutes before I called up my old news room in Vancouver, where my old buddy John answered the phone.  After a minute of small talk, I stated, “John has anyone reported anything strange flying over my area?”  John responded, “No, Dave, why?  What happened?”  I told him the story.  His response to me was, “Dave how much have you been drinking, or what have you been smoking tonight?”  Immediately I felt low.  A good friend of mine didn’t even believe me after working years together.  I was angry and hurt.  This was my first taste of MSM in the field of UFOs.  Right then and there, I realized something quick.  The mainstream thinks we’re all a bunch of wing nuts.  And even under the newfound disclosure, I’m sure most of them still do.
But it’s still exciting the MSM FINALLY took us seriously.  No matter the source.   And for the first time in decades, people who were/are experiencers weren’t laughed at.  But, like everything, sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold.  And the more people, including myself, started looking into the TTSA, Tom Delonge, and the entire crew and subject, two plus two was no longer adding up to four with me.  Now, originally when Tom Delonge presented TTSA out to the public for the first time, I stressed caution in my blog and with my Spaced Out Radio listeners.  I remember saying let’s find out the facts before jumping on the band wagon.  My first couple of red flags that drew my caution were the fact that there were no media at the press conference.  I’m still trying to figure out how you have a press conference without any media there whatsoever?  As well, there was no one on Delonge’s team who had been a hard core researcher of UFOs like Grant Cameron, Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan or any of the UFO “A-Listers”.  Yes, Delonge had set up a dream team of sorts of former Government officials from all sorts of alphabet agencies, but I found it odd that there was no one on there that I recognized.  The third red flag was when Delonge started the telethon portion of the conference, and pushed people to go to the To The Stars website, there was not a single mention of Disclosure or the acronym UFO anywhere.  I found this odd when they kept speaking on the subject. Also, as someone who has always lived on a budget, I found it very strange that Delonge, who, according to online reports, has a net worth around $55-million dollars, would be hitting up the community for donations.  The suits on the stage that day that everyone was wearing were likely worth more than some people’s annual gross income.  And they’re hitting people up for donations.  It made me uncomfortable to say the least.
As time has gone on, my questions started to form in my head.  Why?  Because since Delonge’s conference, there have been very few journalists or lifelong UFO researchers who have actually been able to talk to anyone from the crew.  And the more people have learned about this entire process, the more people have taken the round about ways to find out the information that was going on.  All of the sudden, thanks to the New York Times article, we hear about Nevada Senator Harry Reid.  We hear about how his good buddy, Robert Bigelow, the billionaire, got most of the dough as well as some sort of alien material being studied at his Las Vegas compound.  We hear of award winning reporter George Knapp, along with Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe singing the praises of Delonge and his all-star UFO team, telling their listeners (in the case of Church), to take their hard earned money and get it into TTS right now.  We hear of Knapp signing a deal with Delonge to publish his Bob Lazar biography.  We re-learn about Bigelow and his love of the strange that went so far as to buy files from MUFON that were supposed to be confidential, along with buying up many different UFO sites during that period of 2007-2012, when the supposed $22-million dollars from the U.S. Government was being used for research into AATIPs.
So the questions I have is this, and please understand that they are in no particular order:
Mr. Delonge! During many of your press conferences and interviews you were adamant that aliens and UFOs are evil, which is contrary to Dr. Steven Greer’s work, along with the work of former Apollo Astronaut, the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell.  If this is your opinion of alien contact, why would you try to buy up the files from Dr. Mitchell’s FREE Experiencers website, where 84% of all people who took their survey stated their contact with extraterrestrials was a positive experience?
Mr. Delonge! With your book deal that you have George Knapp signed onto write for the Bob Lazar story, are there any other financial dealings you have had with this reporter?  If so, can you explain what they are?
Mr. Delonge! Why has your TTSA group denied any media interview requests with any alternative media outlet or researcher outside of Coast to Coast AM?  Are you trying to control the way the media portrays TTSA and what is said by using this same outlet over and over?   Did you sign an exclusivity contract with those from Coast to Coast AM?
Mr. Delonge! Sticking with the media, why have you not put yourself in public by speaking to anyone on record besides George Knapp, Leslie Kean, Linda Moulton Howe, Jimmy Church or the one off you did with Joe Rogan on his podcast?  Are you unsure of other alternative media sources and outlets who have thousands of listeners who’d like to hear your story?
Mr. Delonge! Why in the SEC files was it written that out of the first $1,000,000 raised by your telethon were you granted $700,000 of it for yourself?  What did you do with that money?
Mr. Bigelow!  On 60 minutes, you directed the reporter to ask you about UFOs and aliens.  You mentioned that you 100% believed aliens are already here on earth.  How did you come about this information?
Mr. Bigelow!  How does a government contractor receive a piece of “alien” material not of this earth, if it’s one of the top pieces of national security to a phenomenon we collectively know little about?
Mr. Bigelow!  Since you don’t officially own a Government title, why the secrecy surrounding the technology which could help all of mankind?
Mr. Bigelow!  Did you use any of the $22-million you received from the U.S. Government to financially bail out MUFON and to purchase website domains and information from those previous investigators?  If so, what did you do with the files?  How can the public who provided those experiences know you haven’t turned over their experiences and contact information to your government contacts?
Mr. Bigelow!  Follow up question on purchasing websites and domains Mr. Bigelow.  Being American, why did you deem it necessary to purchase files and domains from those outside of your country, like Canadian investigator Brian Vike?  How do international people know their information is safe with you, considering your government contacts?
Mr. Bigelow!  Are you financially involved with the To The Stars campaign?  What is John Alexander’s role since it seems like he’s been your right hand man for a couple of decades?
Mr. Elizondo!  How many files did you investigate with UFOs while you were leading this investigation between 2007-2012.  And were all of these case files from the U.S. Military or were they public cases as well?
Mr. Elizondo!  If they were public cases, where did you get the files from?  Were they tied to MUFON or any other private site that Mr. Bigelow bought during his UFO website spending spree?
Mr. Elizondo!  We originally heard this program ended in 2012, yet you were still a government employee until 2017 when you quit to join the TTSA.  Which department paid you to investigate UFOs since then, considering you have a letter that is public stating that the project shouldn’t have ended when it did?
Mr. Elizondo!  We have since heard this project continues in other areas of the government.  When you were involved, were there more UFO studies taking place in other departments of the government?  If so, why leave the cushy government job to join To The Stars.
Mr. Elizondo!  Were questions previously provided to you by the mainstream media for all of the interviews you conducted in December and January?  Or were you and your team counting on the fact that the mainstream media, as professional as they are, have always made fun of the UFO crowd and were simply not prepared or up to date on the field of UFOlogy to ask more pertinent questions?
Mr. Elizondo!  If it was highly classified, how did the Tic Tac video come out to the public before you started showing it as real footage of a UFO?  And how did you get permission to allow the pilots of the F/A 18 Super Hornets to talk about the previous classified information?
Mr. Elizondo!  Have you been told not to speak with any members of the Alternative Media outside of Coast to Coast AM?  If so, why, since you’ve become the face of this new disclosure movement?
Mr. Elizondo!  Were you shown any sort of alien life on this planet like Robert Bigelow states is happening?  Have you come in contact of extraterrestrials?
Mr. Elizondo!  With your background and clearance, you probably have a good idea at what’s a UFO and what’s a black op’s project either from the USA or another country, so why do you feel the need to disconnect UFOs to extraterrestrials?  Is it because you and your group feel the public can handle UFOs and isn’t ready for extraterrestrial life yet?
Mr. Elizondo!  You, at first were talking about Advanced Aerial Threats were part of your study.  Why has the word ‘Threat’ been dropped?  Mr. Delonge seems to think these things are evil and need to be destroyed.  So are we dealing with a threat to mankind or not?
Like I said, there are probably more questions out there that I would like to ask, but this would be a good start to satisfy many in this field.  However, with how tightly this group is controlling the media and the message, there is likely no way some of these questions will ever be answered.  We know those involved aren’t speaking, at least to the alternative media who wants to know.  As for me, I want to clarify something here.  This is NOT a personal vendetta that Spaced Out Radio didn’t get the story.  Not at all.  This is about getting answers for the public.  When media outlets are denied information or access to a publicly traded company without explanation, I do have a concern, and so should you.  Once again, it’s not personal.  But when yo ugo public, the public has a right to know answers to these questions and more.
What questions would you want answered?
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