Sasquatch investigator and documentarian, Todd Standing, from Alberta, Canada has joined a group of fellow Bigfoot researchers, which includes PhDs, wilderness experts, wildlife biologists, and fingerprint experts who filed suit in the State of California to prove the species exists. When this is proved, Sasquatch will be recognized as an Indigenous Wildlife Species.

Mr Standing believes the case cannot be lost. Along with other expert testimony, he will be providing DNA and hair samples from Sasquatch found in California, British Columbia, as  Alberta.

There is hearing date set in California on March 19, 2018. Standing also filed similar suits in Alberta and British Columbia in the fall of 2017. He believes when these lawsuits are successful, Bigfoot will be afforded the legal protection it deserves, and governments, after recognizing the species, will start studying them, and doing biological surveys.

Mr Standing encourages people who are interested to go on an expedition with him, and he will prove to them Bigfoot does exist. Those who are interested, but unable to venture into the wilderness may watch Standing’s documentary, Discovering Bigfoot, on Netflix.