Looking for a job flying the secretive military skies.  Look no further than Las Vegas, where the highly controversial JANET Airlines, which flies from McCarron International Airport ferrying government workers to Area 51 is apparently accepting applications.
The unmarked 737’s with a red stripe running down the sides of the fuselage make the JANET Jets easy to spot at Sin City’s airport right off the Vegas Strip.  The JANET fleet runs around 16 round-trip flights a day to Groom Lake alone, according to the Dreamland Resort.
So what is this secretive airline looking for in it’s job applicants? AECOM, the massive military subcontractor that operates JANET, is hiring a flight attendant. A posting on the company’s website says the right candidate should be a “level-headed and clear-thinking” individual, preferably with “top-secret government clearance,” to perform, among other tasks, “light cleaning of aircraft interiors.” Candidates should have at minimum a high school education, and be able to coolly handle “unusual incidents,” like “hijackings or bomb threats.”
The posting never specifically mentions Janet or Area 51, however details of the ad, including the operator, the location (Las Vegas) and the need for top-secret clearance are suggestive, to say the least.