As the days go by, I think we all have questions about the legitimacy of paranormal media, especially when the field is so unregulated and unscripted that it really only follows the rules of the one who creates it.  Whether it’s mainstream television, with cable channels like SyFy picking up ghost hunting shows, or whether it’s late night radio programs, it’s really tough to figure out who is truthful, and who is not.  The reason why I bring a lot of this to your attention is because since the soft ‘Disclosure’ happened in December of UFOs, there has been so much publicity in both the mainstream and alternative media, along with varying opinions, that it can be hard to discern what the truth is, and who is promoting the truth.  With sporadic information surrounding this field of research, it’s a great time to be skeptical of all that is processed.  When I was a journalist, I was taught one very important point.  Check your sources.  If you hear it once, it’s a rumor.  If you hear the same story twice, well, it’s got some legs.  And if you hear it a third time or more, from different sources, BOOM, you have a story.  However the difficulty we have in the alternative or paranormal media is that we have very few trained journalists actually doing the work.
Back on December 18th, 2017, Tim Doyle, from UFO Seekers, came on Spaced Out Radio for his monthly feature.  His show came on the heels of the New York Times article where the Pentagon and the Department of Defense disclosed that they DID have a secret program bought on by former Astronaut and Senator John Glenn, and former Nevada Senator, Harry Reid, who happens to be good friends with billionaire Bob Bigelow.   Tim was highly criticized for his research during that program, especially when he started calling out of the media including George Knapp, George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, and the late night radio legend himself, Art Bell, for being involved in the spread of paranormal information especially regarding UFOs.  Tim also took heat from many listeners who vehemently denied that Bell had anything to do with Bigelow.  However, sometimes time is your best friend.  The controversy came to a head with a recently released article from Above Top Secret.  Now, we all know that ATS can be one of ‘those’ sites every now and again.  Many in this field do not subscribe to their stories because of click bait.  However, in reading their recent article about Bob Bigelow titled Bigelow, UFOs, MUFON, and ‘Delonge’ Road to AATIP (link:, it clearly states that the deep pocketed UFO seeker not only had his money and mind in MUFON, but in the media as well, helping Art, from the Kingdom of Nye, Knapp from KLAS TV and Moulton Howe to start a mainstream radio program about these fringe topics called ‘Area 2000’ back in 1993.  This eventually led to the start of Coast to Coast AM.  Tim had stated that Bigelow had infiltrated the media with those three, who are considered to be some of the most prominent voices of this genre.  Knapp, to many, has been considered the most prolific and above standard journalist in the history of UFOlogy.  But now, can you be so sure?
I’m not calling out the credibility of these individuals.  I’ve never met or talked with any of them, nor have they ever appeared on my show.  I have put requests in to Knapp and Moulton Howe without any response whatsoever.  But the idea that these three key figures are tied to Bigelow does make me wonder about the legitimacy of their work.  It makes me question the truth and relevance of Bob Lazar.  The truth of the stories behind the great nights of radio on C2C when Art was in the Captain’s Chair.  What about George Noory now.  George spent nine years in the U.S. Naval Reserve working in communications.  Now he is the godfather of the paranormal night.  His understudy, Jimmy Church, has blatantly told people that investing in the To The Stars telethon is a wise financial decision.  And anyone who questions the validity of Tom Delonge’s group is part of the disinformation campaign against ‘Disclosure’.  Since when should a radio host be promoting the purchase of investment shares, unless he’s getting a cut as well?  It goes against many journalistic rules.  And if those who are involved with the Grand Daddy of all paranormal radio shows are trying to sway their audience to invest, then that is NOT journalistic at all.  Some would consider it to be unprofessional to steer one’s audience towards anything of the sort.
The interesting subject line of the topic though is who do we trust?  Who can we trust?  And why is it so important, especially when the mainstream media seems to have lost their interest as quickly as the public did.  Which some will question whether or not the public really paid attention or cared in the first place.  There are many different answers out here from the absolutely ridiculous to those that are trying to make some sense in the UFO world especially right now, that’s been turned upside down.  Jumping over to the television aspect of the paranormal media for a second, we’ve seen how shows have been manipulated there for ratings and profiteering.  A&E’s Paranormal State and others went from true reality television to falsifying events for the sake of television ratings.  Combine these true facts with the over saturation of the paranormal media market, it’s very easy to see why the paranormal media isn’t taken very seriously.  This is why we have diligently asked people to give our show a number of episodes to get a feel for it.
In the end, you need to be the judge because the ‘Pandorah’s Box’ is opened in the Supernatural and it’s going to be interesting to see where this road goes.  I will try to add more to this in a later blog, but this is a story that many have said to me, “Dave, you need to let this go.”  I can’t nor won’t.  Why?  Because these are days where information is coming forward, and if we want to be on the forefront of the game’s players, we need to be able to provide that credible side that people are going to start yearning for.  Media should not be bought, no matter what reporters try and tell you.  Always remember, true media will not take sides.  They will not make you try and lean towards their perspective.  True journalism is called straight down the middle.  Find out who you can trust?  Find out who you feel can bring you the heart and the guts of a story.  That’s quality broadcasting or writing.  The rest is just garbage!
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