Anybody who knows me, or has read my ramblings, knows that I’m not a fan of the many paranormal tv shows. I assure you, it’s nothing personal, nor do I find them objectionable, I’m just not a fan. With that being said, there was one that I enjoyed, if only only for the exotic locations in far away lands, Ghost Hunters International.

When I first started watching the show something did not sit right with me. Actually one issue just did not seem logical. I found it unlikely that an American investigator could walk into a 600 year old Hungarian fortress, ask questions in English and receive answers in English. Certainly the spirit of a 600 year old Hungarian nobleman could not possibly be familiar with American English. Recently I discovered a theory on why this might be. And to be honest, it blew my mind.

In 480 BCE, pre-Socratic philosopher, Anaxagoras believed that all living things were brought into being by the Nous, the mind. This belief gave finite humans a connection to the mind, as well as a pathway to the divine. According to the philosopher, all humans could be divine, even wield god-like powers over the universe.

Fast forward several centuries to 1807. German philosopher, Geoeg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel released his book, “Phenomonology Of The Mind.” Like Anaxagoras before him, Hegel’s work detailed the evolution of human consciousness and it’s relationship to the cosmos. Hegel believed that man could touch the divine even becoming little gods themselves. The church was less then thrilled with his work. Phenomonology challenged the church’s centuries long beliefs in man’s relationship to a divine creator.

In his book, Hegel coined the term the universal mind and defined it as a non-local atemporal hive mind consisting of all components, knowledges, and relationships of entities. In other words, the universal mind was in all and was omniscient as well as omnipresent. Like Anaxagoras, Hegel believed mankind had the potential to move past such silly things like life, death and language barrier. If mankind could move past this mortal coil, we could gain access to complete knowledge.

At this point you’re probably wondering what this has to do with 600 year old Hungarians and EVP sessions. Very simple, assuming spirits of the dead exists they are no longer bound by life and all it’s limitations. One of those limitations being the language barrier. Perhaps spirits are capable of accessing this universal mind transcending the language barier. Which could easily explain these questionable EVP sessions.

As I previously stated this is just a theory. However, it is a theory that has been a part of Western philosophy for over 2000 years. This universal mind might not only explain EVP, but could explain psychic ability and even life after death. Just another theory in a field of inquiry awash with theories.