A 35 year old French woman is suing a telephone psychic after paying £25 for a call in which the medium said a doctor had wrongly diagnosed stomach and chest pains and that the woman would be dead within six months.  The woman is now claiming she suffered severe psychological trauma after receiving the doom-laden prediction last July.

Identified by The Daily Mail only as Magalie, the woman said “She told me that I had heart trouble, and that if I didn’t see a better doctor, I’d be dead within six months.”   The woman visited a doctor who gave her a clean bill of health, but when she called the clairvoyant and told her this, the phone psychic branded the doctor ‘incompetent’.  “I went to see another doctor, who told me there was nothing whatsoever wrong with me.  I called the clairvoyant back, but she stuck to her prediction, and told me that a lot of doctors were incompetent.”

“I began to feel so traumatized, I saw a therapist, who advised me to take legal action against the clairvoyant, so I now I am seeking damages through the courts,” Magalie continued.

The president of France’s National Institute of Paranormal Arts told the L’Est Republican newspaper: “Mediums should never predict someone’s death, it is completely against our code of practice.  Fraudulent mediums have been known to do this to frighten their victims into seeking more expensive psychic readings.  We receive dozens of similar complaints every month.”

The case is due to come before a judge later this month.