The idea of going more “Green” on the Las Vegas strip hit more than a bump on the road.  Less than two hours after being introduced in a public ceremony, the new driverless shuttle, set to shuttle people from casino resort to casino resort was involved in an auto accident, colliding with a small semi-truck.  The shuttle, built by French company Navaya, holds up to 12 passengers, with a top speed of 25-miles per hour.  However, once in full service, the bus is expected to ride around the strip at around 15 mph.  The vehicle doesn’t come equipped with either a steering wheel or pedals, but does have an onboard attendant monitoring operations through an on board computer.
No one was injured in the slow speed accident, but the vehicle did receive minor damage, but more importantly a black eye for those wanting to take the human error aspect out of driving.  The self-driving shuttle was scheduled to be a part of a regular route through the down Sin City within the next year.  But after ruining its safety record just two hours into its maiden voyage, with passengers on board, this Titanic error now makes it unclear if the shuttle will continue operation.