For as far back as I can remember, the brain has been considered both the home of, and cause of what we know as consciousness. With the advent of successful organ transplant technology, and the improvements in resuscitation of patients who would have died just as little as 10 years ago, this view is being challenged. How do we explain the heart recipient, who begins to exhibit traits of the donor? Traits that until they received the heart, they didn’t exhibit. We have more than one account of long term coma patients, who were declared vegetative, or brain dead, that later awaken and recount having self-aware conscious experiences. How is this possible with no brain activity?

Could it be that not just the brain but the entire substance of the human body, both seen and unseen could act as a receiver? What if that which we experience as consciousness is like a broadcast signal on an infinite bandwidth? What if our life experience, self-awareness, and consciousness is a result of the part of that signal that we are capable of receiving. Could our similarities be where we are receiving the same part of that signal? Let’s take this speculation and run with it.


First off, unlike a wireless broadcast with individual frequencies separated into packets, we should instead think of the signal that the universe is sending out as a continuum of frequencies. An infinite band width of infinite frequencies with no gaps between them. This signal is omnipresent, and omnidirectional, blanketing the entirety of everything. What is our part? I think, no I believe that we all pick up and react to that part of spectrum of the Universal Broadcast to which we are uniquely capable of receiving. Our individuality stems from those parts of the continuum that we receive that others don’t. Just as no two receivers are identical, hence no two lives, are identical either. We each resonate at our own frequency.


How might this manifest itself if it were true? One example might be Savant’s. These individuals are often incapable of doing the most basic things like tying shoes, speaking feeding themselves, even to the point of seeming oblivious to all external stimuli. However sit some of them down in front of a piano and marvel as they recreate musical performances that they may have heard once, sometimes years before. Another might be the writer, or composer who creates a plethora of original works seemingly without effort, or forethought, as if they were merely taking down dictation from somewhere outside themselves. Could it be that in a very real sense they are taking dictation. They are in the right place, at the right frequency to allow the signal to create some new music or poem? Just as a human breath is merely air being pushed out of the lungs, and has no particular quality beyond being what it is, an exhalation. Take that same generic off-gassing of CO2 and room air and blow it across an empty bottle, or the mouth piece of a flute, and it becomes something altogether different, just by virtue of what it interacts with. Are we mouthpieces upon which the universe exhales, each creating a bit of music in the Symphony of Creation?

Is there any science to back up this flight of fancy I am taking you on? Perhaps a bit.  All that makes us unique onto ourselves is the result of our DNA. We get half from our mother and the other half from our father. The 23 chromosomes that constitute our make-up are the unique brew that assembled and replicated itself to form us. DNA is crystalline in structure. Could these crystal structures buried microscopically deep within us be resonating to the frequency of the Universal Broadcast? Each sequence that makes us unique could be picking up and resonating with the signal if it exists? Crystals and their oscillations are part of what make radios work, Just a Geranium Crystal diode will convert radio waves to sound, perhaps these marvels of liquid crystal interfaces we call bodies may be turning the breath of the universe into individual notes, we call lives.


Eric “The Preacher” Marcum