In Skagit County in Washington State, a Mount Vernon psychic didn’t seem to see this one coming and is heading to jail.  Mount Vernon police arrested the unnamed psychic, who is estimated to have bilked a sum of 50-thousand dollars from a client for services of spiritual cleansing and destroying evil energy in the victim’s home.  Lieutenant Greg Booth from the MVPD stated in a press release that the arrest happened after a complaint from the victim was filed.  The alleged psychic was brought to the attention of police after the victim had hired a private investigator in Florida, where the suspect once lived, who happened to be familiar with this intuitive’s faulty practices.  Together they built their case for arrest.
The victim believed she was being lied to after the psychic had told her that she would return any money after her work was completed.  But soon after the client attempted to get their money back, the psychic told them that she needed to bring additional funds in order for all of the money to be returned.  Realizing she had been had, the victim then sought assistance of a P.I. to track down information on the accused.  On October 6th, 2017, MVPD met with the private investigator and detectives from the Seattle Police department to discuss this matter only to find that the detectives had learned of previous cases involving the psychic rip off artist.  This was enough to obtain a search warrant for the business which was served on October 30th.
Police arrested the 69-year old woman who has now been remanded in custody at the Skagit County Community Justice Centre.