I’ve known Dave Scott for many years. We worked in radio in Vancouver together where we cut our writing and broadcasting teeth. I love the fact he’s building an audience for his paranormal radio show; the audience is out there (Queue X-Files theme). I’ve been following SOR out of a keen interest in science fiction and things that cannot be explained, wondering about some stories, scratching my chin at others. Dave and I got to chatting, and while he has fairly staunch beliefs about certain aspects of this world, he does want to present those who take a more skeptical view of all things paranormal. That would be me. He asked me to do some blogging about my point of view so here I am. The way I hope to approach this column is to try and avoid what either side says and just look at what I see, and do what every reporter does…ask plenty of questions.
Full disclosure (which you won’t get from any government when it comes to aliens…AmIright?): I am not an expert on anything technical. I do not possess the ability to take apart pictures or video and prove somehow they have been photoshopped or altered in any way with graphics. I simply put on my skeptical reporter hat and try and look at these stories and claims from an angle where the viewer has no previous knowledge or opinion either way. Am I open to the possibility of aliens, ghosts and Bigfoot? Sure, if evidence presents itself beyond fuzzy and dated photographs and shaky video. I need the good evidence cuz as of writing this, I have no personal experience with anything paranormal in nature…that I’m aware of.
There’s an old saying…extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The problem I have with many people who enter into the paranormal world looking for evidence is they often approach it already believing such things exist and happen. In my opinion, you’re more likely to see whatever it is you want to see if you’re starting from that platform. Is it Bigfoot or are you looking at in the distance or a bear on its hind legs? The believer might jump to the conclusion that Sasquatch is really there scratching its back because for a brief moment in time it stops looking and behaving like a bear. Our imaginative brains love to fill lots of holes. You might say that’s a pitiful example, but I think you get my point. More full disclosure: I am not starting from a point of utter disbelief regardless of irrefutable evidence…I can be convinced…but it’s pretty close to utter. In no way am I here to poke fun at anybody who chooses to believe in these things. Like I said, I am open to anything as long as evidence supports it. So far…there ain’t much. So lets get to it.
Dave and I were recently part of a Facebook thread (who isn’t) about an infamous 50-year-old film that allegedly showed a female Sasquatch walking away from a camera operator. It’s commonly known as the Patterson-Gimlin film. You know the one….
The video is old and shaky and there has been plenty of chatter over the years as to its validity. Dave is convinced this is the real deal. I am not. Sasquatch, it would seem, was the best at hide and seek, at least until a day in 1967 where ‘she’ was filmed casually walking away from a human holding a 16mm camera who, conveniently, had it running at just the right time. Queue fumbling of said camera to show excitement and disbelief. Sasquatch seems to have been hiding ever since. So ya, I have a few questions.
  1. Why is the Sasquatch not running away or crouching in an effort to not be seen? A scared or threatened animal would…hell, so would a human if they didn’t want to be seen.
  2. Why does it walk like a human?
  3. Why are its dimensions, arm, leg, torso length etc. in proportion to a modern human?
  4. Why does the fur look like a rug and not remotely like anything natural? This is my opinion, of course, as costumes of that time period are hokey at best (think bad Star Trek episodes). It looks like an ape suit, and not a very good one. Every inch of the body is covered in thick, rug-like hair. IMO it’s not really how nature works when it comes to body hair…look in a mirror Dave. You’re hairy (I assume) but not everywhere! Full disclosure: Really trying to banish the thought of Dave standing naked in front of a mirror…shudder…
  5. Why is its face almost entirely covered in hair? Seems too convenient that you can’t see any facial features even thought the film quality sucks. See question 4.
  6. Were there ANY other sightings of an exact creature in the area later on?
  7. Was a search party sent out to find it? Perhaps there was, I don’t know…just asking the question.
  8. This video was made public in a time when conspiracies such as these; little green men from Mars etc., were coming into vogue so to speak. After the Roswell ‘crash’ tons of stories started coming out of the woodwork, cuz fame right? Or perhaps an unquenchable desire to have these stories as real to capture the imagination. Why dismiss pranksters just because it was the 50’s or 60’s? Fun Fact: Clark Stanley was the proverbial Snake Oil Salesman in the 1800’s. He had no problem fooling people with his cure-all turpentine. My point is we’ve been scamming each other for hundreds of years in order to make a buck or be put into the limelight.
  9. In the broader picture, why have we not found a Sasquatch? No, sorry, footprints are not enough. So many have been faked to give this any trust whatsoever.
  10. Why are there no bodies?
  11. Why is there no excrement?
  12. Why no Sasquatch dens, villages, or colonies? Literally nothing.
  13. Why are they so good at being avoided? Even Osama Bin Laden couldn’t hide forever. Occam’s Razor says the simplest answer is usually the right one. We have no hard evidence because they don’t exist.
I’ve patiently watched shows like Hunting Bigfoot with an open mind, and while it makes for quasi entertaining reality TV, they still have yet to come up with anything remotely conclusive, even with the technology they lug around. “Ooooh!!! What’s that heat signature?!?!?!?!”
It’s a cow.
See you next month!