The legend of Bigfoot is heading to court in the Canadian province of British Columbia.  The goal is to get Sasquatch recognized as a living creature and protected throughout the Province.  At the heart of the lawsuit of Bigfoot taking the B.C. Provincial government to court is sasquatch tracker, Todd Standing.  Standing, throughout is research career is said to have had encounters with more than 50 of these creatures.  He has also received criticism over the years of faking evidence.  It’s a claim he vehemently refutes, saying the sasquatch community is more like the sasquatch competition.  And everyone is out to get everyone.  Standing’s goal in the lawsuit is to have a Provincial government biologist to accompany him into the wilderness for a period of no less than three months to search for evidence and potential territorial habitats.
Standing believes he has collected enough evidence to make a solid case in front of a Supreme Court judge.  Standing says his videos, DNA samples, fingerprints and expert witness testimony will be enough to prove the existence of this mythical creature.  However, many in the B.C. Government are laughing at the thought of having tax payer money being spent on a creature no one is 100 percent positive exists.  What is likely to happen is the case will likely be thrown out of court before any evidence goes in front of a judge.  The Government has yet to respond to the court documents.
Standing is currently promoting his latest documentary called Discovering Bigfoot.  Could this be part of a publicity stunt to show off his work?  British Columbia is Canada’s most western Province, with forest covering 70 percent of the land.  B.C. is well known for Sasquatch sightings including the famous Albert Ostman case in 1924, where he was picked up in his sleeping bag in Toba Inlet and held captive for six days before escaping.
Dave Scott – The Encounter