Many of us have heard of the Mandela Effect, and most of us know that the phenomenon is named for the South African human rights activist Nelson Mandela. He was one of the more noticeable examples, hence the effect bears his name. For those who aren’t familiar with the effect here is a brief explanation. Many people remember hear of, or reading about the death of Mandela in the 1980’s while he was imprisoned for his protests against the South African Apartheid government, and its racially demeaning practices. His actual death is listed as December 5th 2013.

Some other famous occurrences of the phenomenon include, the death of actor Ernest Borgnine, the Berenstain/stein Bears, Oscar Mayer vs, Oscar Meyer, and the famous quote “Luke, I am your father.” Many people remember alternative names for products or product packaging like Jiffy Peanut Butter, or Kit-Kat bars (there is no evidence that there was ever a hyphen in the name). Ok, some of these are easy, adding a hyphen, or a Y to a product name, a word or two misunderstood in a movie quote. Others not so easy to write off, such as Mandela’s death and funeral in the 1980’s, and his later rise the presidency of South Africa in 1994. Impressive accomplishment for a dead man.

The conventional answer to all of these instances of differing memories is that some of us just got it wrong, or heard it wrong the first time, and it spread that way, mouth to ear, like a virus, throughout the population. So then what is the unconventional explanation? Many people, myself included believe that there are alternate realities, and dimensions that run parallel to each other like a great school of fish through the currents of the river of time. Others believe that time travelers have subtly nudged an event here, and diverted the flow of time there, and the end result is these inconsistencies in our memories. Which theory is correct? There is no way of knowing, but I would imagine that it is a combination of all three, and probably more that we haven’t thought of yet. When you think about the many universes theory, and how at every binary choice we make, i.e. Yes, I think I will take the bus to work.” or, “No I am going to take the taxi today.” We create another time stream and history based on the possible outcomes from each decision. If this happens for every living entity in the universe for every decision, multiplied by who knows how many lives, maybe infinity starts to fill up, and like a computer that starts to slow down due to redundant files taking up resources it corrects itself by defragmenting the time streams, and collapsing all probabilities to the most likely that all of the pathways would have arrived at in their summation. Still another idea I have had, though by no means original, I found out, is that as we mature, and evolve, or devolve as the case might be, we attain a different vibratory frequency, and either jump up into higher level realities along out multiple outcomes, or we drop into lower ones. Much like an electron is thought to do in Valence Shell Theory. And since we coexist with other souls within the flow of time and reality, it is only inevitable that some of will bring memories into our current path that is populated by others from different time lines, and the dominant paradigm tries to establish itself upon our collective conscious.

Could these variation of perception, and memory be evidence that we are alive in a holographic computer program like The Matrix? Who knows?  What I do know is how I personally have experienced this phenomenon. First case I remember is that I remember an episode of the original series of Star Trek in which Rip Torn was the guest star of the week. I remember grinning and pointing out to my parents how funny I thought the name “Rip Torn” was, trying in vain to let them in on the joke. I thought it was such a funny pun of a name. Well it turns out that in the current reality I seem to have vibrated into, the actor was Robert Brown. It was not until the actor Rip Torn appeared in the movie Men in Black 1, and 2 that I had occasion to be reminded of him. I remembered thinking how little resemblance he had to the younger version of himself from the 60’s. But then again, I don’t look like I did back then either. I remember when it was announced that he had passed, and that is why the character had been written out in the sequel Men in Black 3. I remember cutting the obituary article out of the paper. Imagine my surprise to see that he is still very much alive in this reality, and that I no longer have the clipping detailing his death, and career.

Just today Sunday the 29th of October I had another experience with the Mandela Effect. While watching a crawler going along the screen it was announced that Clive Barker was in collaboration with another screenwriter on a new project. I clearly remember Clive Barker’s death just a few years ago. I remember re-reading a book of his I really enjoyed titled “Mister B. Gone.” As a tribute to him, and a way of grieving.

So, do I have answers? No, I am questioning my sanity? Yes. Is I just the slightest bit worried? Yes! It is a hard thing to see one’s personal reality shift around you. I changed my blog subject this week due to the whole Clive Barker experience, and how much it rocked me. I wanted to get this out so that other people who are experiencing this phenomenon can know that they are not alone. I believe that the Mandela Effect is real. There is no way that I am going to believe that my memory is so terribly flawed. It is a slippery slope to doubt and second guess one’s entire past and present. I have to proceed from the assumption that I have, like the energetic electron, vibrated into another shell of reality. Maybe you have too.


Eric “The Preacher” Marcum. Spaced Out Radio Scientist at Large.