First off, I want to apologize for missing last week’s blog.  I was at the Forest Moon Paracon, then travelling home.  It was an insanely busy weekend filled with a great paracon squished beween two days of long travel.  Eric and Issy Cooper, along with Corey Ruiz put on a great event.  As the keynote speaker, I went in a different direction this time around and was explaining why I hate the paranormal.  Which is odd, considering I host a nightly radio show on paranormal topics.  You see, at the end, I actually explained why I love the paranormal.  But there are certain facets of the field that make me cringe.  You see, it’s my belief that we have one of the most interesting fields of study to research, yet we are all wanting to have some sort of credibility with the mainstream public, science and media.  It seems most of us in this field are yearning for that kind of respect.  Some don’t really care what others think, but for the most of us, we’d love to see this field take off into more of a mainstream phenomenon, because the truth is out there.  So I went through a list of points that I feel could improve the paranormal.  Some may not agree with me, but feel free to comment below on what you think?
1) We need to remember to stay open minded, yet skeptical, at the same time. We have to understand that for many of these topics, the experience may be the only information we have to go on.  We need to read people, and give them the benefit of the doubt that their experience is real.  If they are lying or trying to manipulate the system, they will screw up.
2) Let’s not be so critical of everything.  We are all grown up and have the ability to use common sense when it comes to the plausibility’s that something strange has occurred.  Let’s get excited again for what is happening, rather than trying to debunk everything.  What’s wrong with believing?
3) Hoaxers will be hoaxers.  You’re smart enough and big enough to see through their erroneous ways.  Use your mind and intuition to figure out what’s right and wrong.
4) Let’s get rid of the word “science” in the paranormal.  The sooner we do, the quicker we may have answers.  Science, for all intents and purposes is to prove or disprove theory.  Right now we have too many researchers using opinion as scientific fact, or are refusing to investigate certain theories because they don’t believe in it.  Therefore if you fall into this category, you are NOT conducting anything scientific.  We lose the word “science” from the paranormal, we gain more credibility with each other.
5) Form your own opinions from what you’ve heard from multiple researchers.  No one is fully right in this field. But be careful of being assumptive, and respect others for theirs even though they may be different from yours.
6) Have fun with it, but let’s conduct ourselves in a professional manner.  Dress for success.  Don’t swear in front of a client.  Take off your shoes in their home.  You know, let’s get back to basic politeness.
7) Find yourself in your research.  I have learned more about myself, my thoughts and my intuition and beliefs since I started studying my own experiences.  I highly recommend you doing this for yourself.
8) If you’re a ghost hunter who is just out for the thrill and excitement of the haunt, please keep your pokemon ghost ways out of someone’s house.  Have enough respect to NOT take on clients in someone’s private residence or place of business.  Go enjoy yourself.  You’re allowed.
9) Stay drama free on social media.  That one is pretty self-explanatory.
10) Have fun and do this research for the right reasons.  Those reasons are for you, yourself.  Make sure you have focus and an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.  Because if you don’t, then you’re not accomplishing anything for anyone.  Not even yourself.
The other part about the Forest Moon Paracon, and paracons in general is meeting people.  At the FMP, I got to meet a couple special members of Spaced Out Radio who’ve been with me for years, but I’ve never had the opportunity to sit down face to face and talk with them, and chill.  Meeting Elizabeth Anglin, who hosts Spaced Out Sundays and has been part of the SOR family for two years was amazing.  We must have hugged for 10 minutes, because we’ve been through so much together with this show that it was like an emotional release.  I can honestly say I had tears of happiness in my eyes with finally meeting her.  You can talk to someone as much as you want over the phone, but to get to see them and talk face to face is so much better, and rewarding.  It was the same with meeting our resident alien expert, R Keith Andrews, and Paisley Town from Psychic Sundays.  It was great to see some familiar faces as well, like Coop, Issy, Cory, Eric Marcum our resident scientist, Mike Morin and others.  We also got to meet some fans as well.  Teresa came up from California.  Joyce was there.  Tracey from Vancouver Island. Michael W. Hall and Vennie Kocsis who are both going to be guests on this show in November.  There’s Karen and so many others.  Getting to interact with people is amazing.  I love it.  It’s weird when people walk up to me and they’re like “Dave Scott”, and I’m like “Yes”!  It’s not something that I’m used to yet.  I have never really considered myself a pseudo-celebrity in this field because I’m so busy working on the show ALL THE TIME!  I forget that to many people out there, I’m their night time entertainment, and social platform.  It’s a humbling experience to have people come up to you and tell you how important your show is to them on a nightly basis.  Time is truly a gift that is so important and to me it’s really the best gift anyone can give you.
So a big thanks to Eric Cooper and Forest Moon for having me back as a speaker.  I cannot wait to get back for year number three no matter what capacity it is.  FMP may not be the biggest or the most glamourous out there, but it’s real.  It’s real people coming together with real friends.  That’s what makes Coop’s event so special to me.
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