So I’m pretty excited about this coming weekend, where I have graciously accepted a role to speak again at the Forest Moon Paracon in Concrete, Washington.  It’s the second annual event put on by Eric and Issy Cooper from Forest Moon Paranormal.  I don’t do a lot of speaking events.  In fact this will only be my second one this year.  The first one was back in May when I attended the Provincetown Paracon speaking about Paranormal Media.  This one will be a little bit different as I will reflect on nearly three years of observations, sitting back and watching over the paranormal scene like a hawk watching out for food.  The paranormal is an interesting field of research, I think you can all attest to that.  It has everything a researcher would need to stay intrigued.  Aliens, ghosts, sasquatch, intuitiveness, skepticism, criticism, media, and so much more!  It just encompasses everything that pushes the boundaries of our minds.  Sometimes, it’s frustrating, and I can admit there are times where I have wanted to say to hell with it all, because we are just all shooting ourselves in our own feet.  But there’s something beautiful about these topics and this genre that keep all of us going.  Maybe it’s for the search for the answers that never seem to come.  I have often mentioned this field must be the equivalent of being addicted to heroin.  Because when you have that first experience, you want more, and yet you never know when you’re going to get that next fix.  Bad analogy I know, but I don’t know really how else to put it.
So at this weekend’s Forest Moon Paracon, I will be joining an exciting clan of speakers to discuss all aspects of the paranormal.  Probably the biggest lesson I have learned from Eric Cooper since I got into this field is the definition of the word ‘paranormal’.  The majority of people use the term as strictly a ghostly term.  However the word paranormal means anything that is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.  Which means aliens, UFOs, big foot, gnomes, dog man, faeries, psychic phenomenon, ghosts, spirits and demons, to name a few, all fall under the umbrella term, ‘paranormal’.  Cooper drilled this into me because I was one of the majority who used the term in that singular meaning.  But getting back to the Forest Moon Paracon, it may not have the star power that many Paracon’s do, but it’s got experts in every field of the craft.  Mike Morin, from Haunted Crew of Canada will be detailing how the investigations of ghosts and spirits should work, along with blending intuitiveness and technology.  Eric Marcum, Spaced Out Radio’s resident scientist, will be speaking about how science affects the paranormal, whether it’s good or bad.  Christina George is coming up from sunny California to discuss alien abduction experiences.  R Keith Andrews, who is a life long ET Contactee will be talking about all of the different races of alien species that have visited earth.  And I will be discussing the paranormal in general, with an interesting title “I Hate The Paranormal”.  It is a real contradiction, but I will get into it more.  Below is a copy of the Paracon Itinerary if any of you on the west coast can make it to Concrete, Washington.
945-10 Welcome to Para-Con
10-1130-Mike Morin- Investigation Techniques in hauntings
1135-105- R Keith Andrews- Alien Races
110-240- Eric Marcum Science and the Paranormal 
245-415-Christina George- Alien Abduction experiences s/s
420-550- Dave Scott- Problems in the Paranormal
550-600- Than-you for coming to Para-Con

1115-1145 Eric Marcum how to collect evidence from a science perspective
230-300- Mike Morin the tools of paranormal investigation
4-430- Steve Monchak Drone Operations in the Paranormal
Vendors all day…FMP Truck on display all day…raffles etc
VIP Roundtable-7PM-9PM Annie’s Pizza for VIP ticket holders, tickets are still available
So, back to my speech.  I’m going to try and put it on Facebook Live, depending on the internet signal.  I did it with my speech at the Provincetown Paracon, so we will try it out again and hopefully it works out.  Now don’t let the title of my speech catch you off guard.  It’s actually a contradiction of myself, because I truly do love the paranormal.  However in nearly three years of researching and broadcasting on the paranormal, from an outsider’s perspective it is very easy to see why the mainstream doesn’t take what we do seriously.  And when I talk about the mainstream, I mean the media and people alike.  Too many characters with ego and not enough quality research.  Too many detractors from so-called skeptics to so-called experts who feel the need to break down everything so finely, there’s no evidence left.  The jist of the speech will be about what I would like to see us do or change to make what we do credible.  Now, I will preface that my ideas are not just from my own ideals.  I have talked to hundreds of people and asked them the same question, “How do we improve paranormal research?”  With the help of their answers, I molded my own opinion on what would be great to see in the paranormal for continuity, education, and respectability.  I would like to get into more, but as you know, I can’t right now, because I would give away my speech.  Plus, with just a few days to go, I’m not officially finished it yet.  So I don’t even know how it ends as of this release.
But if you’re on the West Coast, I’d love for you to come down and join us.  I love meeting our fans and listeners.  It’s such an extreme honour for me. See you there.  And Coop, if you read this, which I know you will, be prepped for some beard tugs.
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