So this past Saturday, we ran our charity ghost hunt to raise money for the 108 Volunteer Fire Department who are heroes in the community for the great job and thankless effort they put in to help keep the flames at bay and save hundreds of homes during the wild fires that were burning out of control.  In a way for the community to say “Thank You” and a job well done, we decided to hold this ghost hunt, with 100% of the proceeds going to the volunteer force.  We had a target of raising $1,000 for the 108 VFD, and we were able to exceed that goal with $1,060.  46 people attended the tour, and we also had some walk up donations to the cause as well to push us over the target.  It was a great day indeed for people in the community to stop by, have a ghost hunt, and lend their support to the fire fighters who did an amazing job to save our community.  The fire fighters refused to look at themselves as heroes, rather taking the attitude that they were just doing their jobs.  We showed them otherwise.  Before the tour started, we gathered all around, and for many of us, it was our opportunity to shake their hands and say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  The fire fighters may have been a tad uncomfortable with that, but that’s okay.  They deserved the recognition.  They deserved the applause.  They deserved the well deserved appreciation.  It was amazing to hit our goal, and it was so worth the time and effort to make it happen.
With 46 people, we split the groups up evenly and toured the 108 Mile Historic Site.  During the tour, we spent the night in three of the most haunted buildings.  I was stationed in the Post House, where you’ve heard me talk about Willie on Spaced Out Radio.  We had Kerri Mingo, who is a fabulous investigator, stationed in the main house, where there are, by our count, six spirits inside.  And we had Cory Greaves, who is a skeptical believer, stationed in the near 100 year old Clydesdale Barn.  It was in the barn where the best evidence came.  There are two floors to the barn.  The lower section is where they used to put the teams of horses.  Some people, although I’ve never heard it, claim that sometimes they’ve heard horses “neighing” from the stalls.  The upstairs of the barn is quite simple.  You go upstairs to where they’d originally stored hay, but there is also a stage where they used to hold hoe-downs and dances.  It was there, where Cory’s first group of the night made their way up.
So when we are touring the barn, we always start on the bottom.  As far as we know, the barn has one main ghost.  We believe his name is Ron or Roy.  We’re not sure if he’s the one who the barn was built for, or the man who built the barn.  What we do know about this ghostly character is that he likes to have fun.  Often, during the tours he will get involved with either touching one of the participants, hearing footsteps above us, or even light up our basic K2-metres to full on red.  The man of the barn has been photographed many times.  He’s enjoyed getting his picture taken over the years, with many people, from paranormal investigators to averages tourists of the museum encountering him.  We also know that he has a thing for the ladies, because when we have women in the groups, he is very likely to touch a shoulder, arm or hair.
With Cory’s first group of the night, she took them on a tour of the downstairs, where they were getting plenty of action.  As she moved the tour upstairs, Cory was encouraging her participants in the tour to take their cameras and just start snapping pictures.  One of the tour takers was a lady named Connie.  Connie had never been on a tour, nor was she a big believer of the paranormal.  Coming from the skeptical side of things, Connie was amazed to look back at her pictures, and see what looks to be a man walking up the stairs with his arm leaning on the railing.  We have attached the pictures to this blog for you to see for yourself.  Now that stairway up to the top walkway, we have always got action.  In my opinion, we now know what he looks like.  But who he is?  We have no idea.  This is by far the best pic we have got from the tour since it began this past April.  The best part about it, was it came from the camera of someone who didn’t believe in this sort of phenomenon.  This is why we continually promote to our tour guests that they always have their cameras up and ready.  It was this profound experience that we tell our tour guests could happen.  We cannot predict when things are going to happen.
The beauty of the paranormal is you can never expect when it’s going to happen.  This happened.  It’s great evidence.  Now we have to see if whatever that was wants to come and chat with us.
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Barn Ghost1
Barn Ghost2