Earlier in August, the brilliance and mind blowing words of Jim Marrs went silent, as the legendary conspiracy author passed away from a heart attack.  Jim was a passionate author about the truth, who protected his sources until the end.  Whether it was being the premiere researcher into the JFK assassination, looking into the awkward details of the 9/11 conspiracy, UFOs or the alien cover up, Jim was someone who was tapped in to the underground of where the truth lies.  With Jim’s passing are a plethora of unknown sources to most.  Men and women who helped Jim develop hard hitting books that made him a New York Times Best Seller on multiple occasions.  You see, when you’re writing about subjects like Jim was, you can throw opinion out the window.  A great writer of his caliber was about facts and the sources who provided those facts.  Whether or not the public believed what he was writing was irrelevant. The sources trusted Jim that he would never expose them, and Jim protected them until the end as any good journalist should.
As we wish Jim a long, eternal rest, there are some sad notes here.  Those sources of his are gone, likely for good, from getting the information out to the public.  You see, as a journalist, you want to cultivate and maintain credible sources.  It doesn’t matter if you are covering conspiracies, UFOs, politics, sports, gangs, or Aunt Shirley’s Knitting Course, gaining the trust and credibility of someone on the ‘inside’ so to speak is so important for a credible reporter/journalist.  That’s how you get the inside scoop and build stories from there.  That’s where true breaking news comes from.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a tell-all book, or writing for the newspaper, the information you receive from sources is more valuable than gold, especially if you know it’s not a source that’s playing you.  Where ever Jim’s sources were, the fact that with his passing they’ve likely been silenced as well with his passing is one of the real tragedies, besides the loss and pain Jim’s family feels these days.  Sources just don’t trust anyone because they’re a writer or a ‘scribe’.  No.  In fact, sources sometimes take years to grow relationships to the point where there is absolutely no question on either side as to whether or not one’s word can be one hundred percent trusted.  So seeing these sources move on to any up and coming writers or journalists is highly unlikely.  Which means another important door in solving the conspiracy riddle is now closed.
One other problem we have as a field with Mr. Marrs’ passing, is it’s an eye opener that many of our favourite and most famous researchers in this field are getting older.  They’ve been in the public eye for so long on these topics that we look at them as old friends.  They’re on every documentary on every cable channel that runs topics like ours.  Whitley Streiber is 72.  Linda Moulton Howe is 75.  Stanton Friedman is 83. Bruce Maccabee is 75.  Art Bell is 71.  Steve Bassett is 70.  Dr. Steven Greer is 62. Paul Hellyer is 94.  Here’s a few prime examples of those who’ve been sitting on the top shelf of the paranormal/supernatural pyramid of researchers/speakers for well over three decades.  Below them, you could throw in Richard Dolan, Mike Bara and Nick Redfern, who are carrying the torch as well, but they’re all in the 50’s.  So I was looking at this recently, and did some serious thinking about this.  As this crowd of experienced and knowledgeable researches continues to age, who is in that next group to pick up the slack?  Sadly, there aren’t many, as of right now, who are going to step up and accomplish what the names I listed above, are accomplishing right now.
Yes, there are a few making a move on this.  Jason Quitt is a talented writer.  Shannon Legro in the cryptid world is phenomenal, along with her ITF co-host, Ryan Sprague, if he keeps it up.  Jason Martell and Giorgio Tsoukalos are in their early 40’s doing great work on Ancient Aliens.  Jeremy Corbell is doing some fantastic work carving a name out for himself as well.  The key here is cutting edge research with credible sources and story information.  But with social media, Twitter, Facebook Live, YouTube and online radio, along with self publishing, are we any closer to finding out information, or are we moving further away?  Too many people, and not enough trust? Could be!  I mean, if you’re a source, who do you trust?  The person who is self published or the person who has been around and successfully written very thorough books or articles?  I hate to say it but that’s the truth.  And as the older generation continues to age, and eventually dies off unfortunately, we in this field of study are in trouble because there aren’t enough people stepping up to the plate to continue bringing the stories that need to come to light.  Look, as they say on the X-Files, the truth is out still out there, but who is searching for that truth?
One of the issues we have with this younger generation of researchers and writers is many have gone down a very dangerous slope.  That dangerous slope is writing or broadcasting opinion as fact. Look, I know many of you have listened or read my concerns about this probably one too many times, but the message has to continue to be said.  But it’s an ugly trend that is influencing so much of the media right now from the alternative to the mainstream that it’s no wonder why people are refusing to trust anything any media outlet calls “news” anymore.  We are seeing more and more journalists and so-called journalists, bloggers and vloggers giving their opinion as one hundred percent fact on any subject.  Doesn’t matter if it’s political or UFOs, everyone is taking a side.  Real journalism is on life support.  Real research is going the same way.  And it’s sad.  We see it happening so much in the paranormal field right now that it is getting ridiculous.  Look how many paranormal or cryptid hunting teams continue to say they’re conducting “scientific” research?   We see it continually happening day in and day out.  And if you’re someone who is a potential “source”, looking to find someone of quality to hand information over to, how do you trust someone who is just going to put their own slant and opinion on things?  The reality is you can’t.  If I was a source, I wouldn’t.  There’d be no point.
Our field, due to ego or whatever you want to call it, has done it to itself.  Sad to say but very true.  Ego and opinion are common in the paranormal probably because there is no rule book to what we do.  And there is rarely any real science being done to verify any of the evidence going on.  So in my opinion that’s why we see so many people trying to push their opinions off as fact.  And for those who are needing someone to talk to, as a hidden whistleblower, it doesn’t give that “source” any trust that their information and more importantly their name and status of their position will be properly protected.
And that’s how information gets lost.  And that’s why it’s important for researchers to step up their game to take over for those who paved the way.  But they have to do it properly and efficiently.
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