Usually when I write my weekly blog, I pick a topic and run with it.  However this past week there’s been so many different story lines that I just figured I would run with a bunch of them. Sometimes the brain has so much going on that it’s hard to just pick a subject and run with it.  So here I go.
– Eric Cooper from Forest Moon Paranormal and I are good friends.  We have a lot of the same ideas on the rights and wrongs of the paranormal.  Too many people.  Too many idealisms that don’t line up with proper investigation.  Too many agendas.  Too many smart people getting caught up in bad habits, techniques or drama.  Let’s face it, there are some brilliant people in the paranormal, however how do we expect those stars to shine, if we continue to cloud over the field with stupidity?  What do I mean about stupidity?  Here’s a few examples.  Professionalism: Do you take your shoes off when you enter a residence?  Do you have members who go into an investigation high or drunk?  Do you advertise what you are doing in someone’s residence, maybe scaring or concerning their neighbours?  Do you give your full results to your client?  Do you dress properly?  Little things like that!  Because the one failure of the paranormal is we have no code, so I support Coop’s FMP Plan to try and build a global network on bringing teams together for the sake of truly helping people.  However, I have challenged Cooper and his members to take this one step further.  The paranormal industry needs a Bible.  It needs a Code of Conduct and Ethics that needs to be strictly followed.  We need to have an understanding on what we are trying to solve and how to do it properly.  Otherwise the paranormal field will continue down its own destructive path.  It’s not about television pilots or personal ego.  This is about helping the client and helping the spirits.  That’s all.  We can do this, together!
– The Bible and other religious texts talk plenty about prophets.  Can someone give me a definitive answer as to what the difference between a prophet and a psychic are?  Seriously!  A prophet is a psychic.  The religious hide behind the idea that their ‘Good Books’ state that prophets were receiving the word of ‘God’ or one of the other 5,000 Gods on this planet.  And if the gift of being psychic is from God, himself, does that not make them prophets as well?  Look, I strongly believe we are all intuitive.  Some more than others.  We all have that sixth sense so to speak. But really?  I don’t see a difference at all between a prophet and psychic.
– There are times when I bring a guest on Spaced Out Radio that just doesn’t resonate with our audience.  I expect that to happen.  There’s great guests whom people know.  Surprising guests, who you don’t expect to captivate your audience but do.  Then there are some that no matter what you do, are just complete duds.  I will never call out a guest for being a complete dud because that’s not fair to them.  They’re trying their best.  Sometimes it’s the topic that is drives people away.  Some listeners are vocal about it, others just turn off the station quietly.  The hard part about this job is satisfying everyone.  In fact, it’s something that is impossible.  However, where I draw the line is when someone calls me out as ‘False Advertisement’.  To this person, and I know who you are but won’t put your name in here, you have no fucking idea how much I bust my ass daily on this show.  If you don’t like what I’m doing, don’t listen.  Not being rude, but you have no idea what my team and I have to do to prepare each show.  So Mr. Complainer, let me ask you this.  Did you know the title you were bitching about was a copied title from the last time the person was on?  It’s a vague title that you were bitching about.  A title!  Did you know that that person did YOU THE LISTENER a favour by filling in for someone who had to cancel and did it on short notice, because he loves and trusts the show and the listeners?  Did you know the GUEST didn’t want to let down you, the listener?  Did you even care?  Did you know that sometimes we have to scramble to fill a void because the guests are people too, and sometimes life creeps up and they have to cancel at the last minute or a few days before?  What am I supposed to do?  Did you think about that before posting your ignorant comment?  Didn’t think so.  Look, I fully understand that as we continue to grow there’s going to be more criticism and snark that goes along with everything we do. That’s par for the course when you’re in the public eye.  But don’t come into my private chat room and give me a snarky shot just because you have a case of the crankies or didn’t get your way.  I have thick skin.  I wouldn’t be trying to grow SOR to more of a public forum if I didn’t, or didn’t know what to expect.  I see what happens to other shows and their hosts and I see how they’re treated on social media.  That’s to be expected in today’s age.  But if you’re going to criticize what we are doing, and if there’s no legitimacy to it, be prepared, because this host snarks back.
– I know people don’t like change, and some of our listeners were caught off guard about the new look on the weekend, and trust me, I was as well.  But change is sometimes for the better and to find quality and just not someone filling air time was the most important part of the change.  Dave Cruz on Spaced Out Saturdays and Elizabeth Anglin’s Cosmic Passport on Spaced Out Sunday’s are two quality people with great talent.  To the people who questioned whether or not the right decision was made to make the change, let’s just say we filled the weekends admirably with not only smart and quality people, but quality entertainment as well.  I always tell people don’t judge over a few minutes or a show.  Take your time to sit back and listen.  Everything takes time to get used to.  I even say that to newbies on my show.  You can’t make a proper decision by just a couple minutes or one full show.  Give it a few tries.  And if you still have that same thought, then you have made a legitimate choice for your listening ears.  Because in the end, it’s you whose taking your important time to make that decision on how you spend your time.  The only thing we can do is bring that best foot forward and see where it goes.  I think you’ll enjoy Dave and Liz.  Hit them up on social media.  Learn who they are.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.
– There are some people out there who believe experiences and others who feel some are just mind generated.  Where I am going with this is, as a host, I have people try to call me out on my own experiences and whether or not I am just making things up to gain ratings or listeners.  The truth to that is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Look, I know there are a shit ton of so-called radio shows out there where the host will try to generate interest by making up outlandish stories to make themselves look like a player in this field.  Then there are the hosts out there who will say they have had experiences that they can’t explain, but they’ll never get into them with their audience, because they don’t think it’s necessary.  I started SOR because I couldn’t find the answers to my own experiences.  As a journalist, I needed to create this in order to help me, and more importantly the listeners, learn from people who are studying these topics in a field of research.  What I am trying to say is trying to pull the wool over my audience’s eyes gives me no benefit.  The audience is smart.  They can smell bullshit a mile away.  And I have had many in our chatrooms mention numerous times that my stories never change.  There’s never added new detail.  They are by the book as they happened.  I am trying to create a business with SOR, and I sure as hell don’t see it working to well if I’m lying to my audience on an internet level.  I would never screw with the most important people in SOR, and that’s the audience.  Without them, the show is nothing.  And that’s why our audience just keeps growing.  People have been longing for what we do, on an honest and committed level.  People have been longing for a host that takes personal interest in them and their own experiences.  That’s what we try hard to provide.  If you don’t want to believe my experiences, that’s up to you, but I can say this, I will never bullshit our audience for the sake of an opportunity or a gain in ratings.  That’s not the purpose of SOR.  And that’s why the listenership keeps growing.
– Even though I run a charity ghost hunt that I talk about on the air, I want to definitively tell you I am not a ghost hunter.  I know enough to get by.  I know I try to practice what I preach in treating the spirits and ghosts with the utmost respect that they deserve.  I’m not someone who will go looking for investigations.  If I’m asked to help because people need help or would like me to attend their event or investigation, then I will do my best.  Helping people learn is what I’m about.  I protect myself as best as I can, and the people who are with me.  I have many people around me who I can reach out to in case of an emergency  But no, I’m not a ghost hunter.  I’m a tour guide that brings the paranormal experience into the forefront.
– People often ask me where I get my energy from to work a full time daytime career, and spend as much time as I do on Spaced Out Radio.  It’s difficult.  I don’t recommend it.  Some people call me crazy for doing so, and in reality, if I wanted, I could walk away tomorrow.   But I don’t want to.  I’m enjoying the challenge and the idea that this could take off all too well.  You see, I’ve never taken an idea and a concept and made it into reality before.  I remember the lonely nights where we only had about 15 listeners a night.  And now, well, this is amazing to see where this has taken off.  There is stress.  There is a lot that happens behind the scenes that no one sees.  You see and hear the coming product, or the finished one, whether it’s live, or on podcast.  But it’s the push that keeps me going.  Surrounding myself with some incredible people helps as well.  So the next time you see Everett Themer, Kj Gandy, Eric Marcum, Kathryn James, or Tim Doyle hanging around, make sure you thank them for helping me out so much.  They are people who have stepped up to the plate with their own time and energy to see where we can take this.  They see a bright future with SOR and are not only helping with the business and social media side of things, but they also keep me grounded for when I’m feeling stressed, frazzled or just plain need to talk. We keep pushing ideas and formulas that may help us launch.  This is a project none of us have ever taken on before.  So to see where we’ve come from to where we are now is amazing.  It’s a trip to look at it.  But we’re going to keep going until we are either on top, or have pushed this to the highest level we can go.  But with a team like this, we can’t lose.
My goal is to continue growing Spaced Out Radio.  I hope you continue to help spread the word and stay on this journey.  I have no idea where it’s taking us, but let’s enjoy the ride while it lasts, together!
Dave Scott can be heard on Spaced Out Radio at every Monday through Friday, starting at 9pm Pacific, Midnight Eastern.  Follow Dave on Twitter @spacedoutradio, and on Instagram @davescottSOR