For those who know the story, this will be repetitive.  For those who don’t, well, this is one of the defining moments of Spaced Out Radio history, that is often repeated.  Whether you’re new to the show or whether you’ve been listening for a while, you’ve heard the name “Carl” pop up.  So here’s the back story.  On April 20, 2015, I was broadcasting out of my old home, which was a converted bedroom next to my front door.  My house was rancher style, and for some reason, I had been too lazy the few nights previous including that night to turn the outside lights on.  I lived in a subdivision, and really, I had one of those houses where friends could pop over at any time for coffee or to chat.  That night, we were talking about Buddha of all topics, and the guest was a gifted writer named Harvey Kraft.  About 17 minutes into the show, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement out the window to my left.  From where my broadcast centre was set up, to the window on my left was about three feet.  Not far at all.
My first inclination of panic hit, that someone was coming over and going to come to the front door.  You see, normally that’s not a problem.  But when you have two dogs and especially one being a chihuahua/daschund cross that’s addicted to barking, that becomes a problem with someone coming to the front door during showtime.  When I saw the movement, I could already in my mind hear the dogs barking bleeding through my microphone, causing me to get pissed off, because I hate background noise while I’m broadcasting.  Plus, in my opinion, it sounds amateur.  Big time pet peeve, no pun intended.  So Harvey starts to answer the question I had asked him.  I then put my microphone on mute, swiveled my chair to look out the window on my left.  And that’s where we made eye contact.  In the shadows of my window, on the far left, about seven feet away from me, that’s where I saw the big black eyes.  Then the grey head came into focus.  The chiseled bony features around the eyebrows and cheeks, along with the slit of the mouth.  Right then and there, I knew I was looking into the eyes of a grey, watching me broadcast SOR.  I took a moment to make sure it was what I saw.  At first, and if you listen to the replay, I thought it was a reflection in the window with something standing behind me.  But it wasn’t.  “Carl” was on the other side of the window. And in the split couple of seconds that this incident occurred, I jumped back and screamed in my chair.  “Holy Fuck”, I yelled!  Shook my head, looked back out the window, and he was gone.  I jumped out of my chair to look out the window and saw nothing.  In the speed everything happened, if it were a person, I would have seen them getting out of my front yard area.  But “Carl” was gone.  I told Harvey what had happened in the most calm voice I could project, but I sounded rattled and was shaken for the remainder of the interview.
To be conscious and see an alien that close to you is a life changer.  It’s not supposed to exist.  Now “Carl” wasn’t the first alien I had seen.  In fact, I had seen four previous extraterrestrials. Three from when I awoke on the table during my abduction, and the first one in a forest with Samantha Mowat.  But this experience was so much more profound and natural, because i was just doing my thing, and there he was.  After the show, I had contacted R Keith Andrews, my go-to guy when it comes to anything off world.  Keith, to my surprise, wasn’t surprised.  I recall him saying, “Dave, what did you expect with the topics you talk about on SOR?”  And from there, the legend grew.  You see, I have one rule of thumb while broadcasting the show.  I will never bull shit my audience with stories that have never happened, or thinking I know something when in reality I have no clue.  If I don’t know something, I don’t know the answer, but I can try and find out.  I also will never say my opinion is fact.  I am very conscious of that, because it pisses me off when I hear other people do it.  That’s why if you listen, I will always state that something is my opinion, rather than come out and talk like certain stories or theories are pure fact.  Too many people already do that in this field, and to me it kills their credibility.
Back to “Carl” for a moment.  About two years ago, I finally decided to name the alien.  Why I chose “Carl”, I have no idea?!  It was a name that just came to me.  “Carl” just fit.  And that was it. We were on the air, and I had stated that he needed a name, and I was leaning towards “Carl”, and “Carl” just stuck from there.  In essence, “Carl” has become our unofficial mascot of SOR.  It’s really kind of cool to see how that incident morphed into one of the most important pieces of the show.  This takes us to August 3rd, 2017, almost a full two years since “Carl’s” impromptu appearance.  About two and a half hours into the show, with Olav Phillips, talking the secret space program, all of the sudden my body started buzzing and goose bumping all over.  It was the same feeling I recognized from the night “Carl” first appeared.  You see, over time, as I have become more aware of energy and feelings, I have been able to recognize the different patterns of what different genres of the paranormal feel like to me.  For instance, “Carl” comes in at a very high energy, almost like anxiety.  Ghosts on the other hand, are like a lower vibration and current to me, where I know when they are around but it’s like feeling mopey and tired.  There is a difference.  So I am buzzing off this immediate energy jolt, and I immediately start looking out the window because I feel like I’m being watched.  I couldn’t see anything, but that didn’t mean ‘He’ wasn’t there.
After the show, I still had Olav on the phone and I went outside, underneath my carport.  The beauty of broadcasting at home.  And I looked onto my driveway, and where my two vehicles were parked I saw something walk in between.  I didn’t see a humanoid type form. It was more so like two streaks of white, one on top of the other with a gap in between.  Then it happened again.  This time in the opposite direction.  After a few more minutes, I let Olav go and went upstairs, onto my patio to scan my back yard from a higher level.  This is when I talked with R Keith Andrews again.  While I was talking with Keith, I started hearing this weird clicking sound.  One was coming from my back yard.  The other along the row of trees that separates my yard from my neighbours.  Remember in the alien movie ‘Signs’, where the aliens were using some sort of clicking sound to communicate?  Bingo.  So then, strangely, Keith asks me if I have heard any unusual sounds coming from my yard, like clicking sounds.  I affirmed his answer with a brisk “YES”!  And I then tried to make the sound, which didn’t give the clicking justice.  Then Keith stated, did it sound more like this?  And he did this strange clicking sound which was identical to what was in my yard.  I yelled “Bingo” into the phone.  I heard the clicking sound a couple more times.  Keith then started working with me to see if I could see them.  I couldn’t see them visually, but with Keith’s intuitiveness, he was able to pick up that ‘Carl’ was definitely in my yard, with two of his friends.  And his friends were apparently quite shocked to know that I was not afraid of them, which made them weary of me.  I had a good laugh with that one.
From there, I felt the urge to go for a drive.  Keith agreed that the ET presence was pulling me out of my yard, but it didn’t feel like it was in an uncomfortable way.  First though, I’m not going to lie, I went in an opposite direction of where I was supposed to go.  It’s a Canadian staple that if you’re road tripping anywhere, that you have to hit up Tim Hortons first.  And so I did.  I went eight miles out of the way to grab a drink and a doughnut before driving all the way past my house to go to the lake about a mile and a half away, where they were wanting me to go.  Priorities first, right?  When I parked the car, I asked Keith, as he was still on the phone as to whether or not I should get out of my vehicle.  He said it was fine, however at that time of night, with bears and mountain lions roaming around, I honestly didn’t feel to comfortable to do so.  The presence of the ET energy was in full effect.  Still goose bumped all over my body, I was looking in all directions and even into the sky to see if I could see any craft.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see a thing.    Sure the stars were out, but they were faint due to the forest fire smoke that has embedded my community for the last month.  After about 20 minutes at the lake, I decided to call it the night.  The energy was dying.  There was no official sighting of ‘Carl’ or any of his friends.  But the energy pattern was recognizable.  Got back home around 1:30am, and the energy around my property had calmed down as well.  Right then and there, Keith and I both knew this experience was done for the night.
The experience was quite natural in feeling.  It was energizing and a feeling I hadn’t had in really over two years since ‘Carl’ came into my life.  I wish I could have seen him.  I was ready.  I was prepared.  I was so stoked for this encounter.  This one lasted much longer than the previous, which was great.  However, it still wasn’t what I was looking for.  I think that many experiencers out there which to have more of an awakened understanding of this phenomenon, rather than holding onto the debate as to whether or not the encounter was real or just a dream.  This was real.  Skeptical people reading this will say maybe the goose bumps were because it was cold outside, or because my imagination was running wild.  Definitely not either.  I have built a reputation in online radio as being an upfront and honest host, who craves and fights for dignity and honesty in this field.  I have called people out when they’ve needed to be called out.  And that is why our audience on Spaced Out Radio ( continues to grow leaps and bounds.  There isn’t a lot of credibility in this field, either from the mainstream or even the fringe or alternative sides as well.  This is something that I am passionate about.  And with my journalism background, combined with my own personal experiences, shooting for the truth shouldn’t even be questioned.  But it’ll happen.  People won’t believe, but I’m okay with that.  I know what I know, and I know that the occurrence of the energy at my home was something I recognized and would stand behind.  Now only if ‘Carl’ wouldn’t be so timid, and next time come up and say hello.  That would be interesting.  Dammit ‘CARL’!
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