Well here I am, and I’m still “titled” as an evacuee from the forest fires that are still raging in the Cariboo region of central British Columbia.  Let me tell you, this type of life sucks.  I’ve had a vast array of emotions over the last number of days, as we are now in double digits, with really no clue when I will be able to go back home. From laughing to tears, and anger to anxiety, the plethora of emotions that one goes through when you’re dealing with the unknown is overwhelming.  I’m not a fan of this, nor would I choose it.  But there are certain things I know that keep me going.  For now, I know my house is safe, and I will be lucky to go back home, if weather and the fires continue to cooperate.  I know I have my health and my family is safe.  I know my two dogs, Doug and ZERO, along with the cat, Doooooo, are safe as well.  I also know the only thing I have really lost is the food in my fridge and freezers, due to the hydro companies turning off the electricity for safety to my home’s area.  That’s easily replaceable.
But there are a few things I have learned about myself.  It’s easy to survive when you have friends around.  My buddy, Mike Schmith, has been with me every step of the way.  Mike is a local bigfoot hunter, who I’m lucky enough to call my best friend.  Mike is 50, retired, and an avid outdoors man, who is tough as nails and carries a bad ass goatee.  He’s not only a friend, but a mentor and built like a brick.  He’s the type of person you can feel safe around, because he’s so knowledgeable about everything.  He’s helped a lot.  He helped me evacuate my house.  He’s allowed me to vent when I’ve needed to.  We have laughed and shared a couple of beers together.  To have Mike with me has helped me bring a piece of calm and peace, if that makes any sense?  Mike has been a rock for me and I can’t thank him enough.
Being away from family isn’t a good thing.  You know, sometimes we always wish we could have family disappear.  We emotionally get frustrated and just wish that everyone would go away.  Knowing that my family is safe, even though they are more than 300 kilometres away from me is great in one sense, but on the other side, you miss them.  You miss being a part of every day things, like dinners, cuddling, conversation, and just having them around. Sure I have my pets with me, but it’s not the same.  There’s a loneliness that creeps in and plays with your mind.  It’s not fun to be alone, this I have learned.  I’m separated from my family because in my daytime career, I’m in management and my boss asked me to stay up here.  So that way, when our town opens up again, and they start to allow evacuees back home, I’m there to help, even though we will still be on a skeleton crew.  As a manager, it’s my duty to be here for my employees and the owner I work for.  That’s why I stayed.
Not knowing sucks!  Every day you start watching the winds, and the air quality.  For days now, since we are surrounded by forest fires, I have watched it snow ash down on the ground.  I’ve felt the effects as well.  Air quality is dependent on the wind.  Most days it’s been good, however with the winds picking up recently, it’s been tough because there’s smoke everywhere, and the snow ash is falling.  Never mind breathing int the micro fibers from the ash that can’t be too healthy.  But we could have it worse right?  Updates are updates.  You rely on social media and people in the know.  I’m lucky because my neighbour, Tony, is a fire fighter fighting this blaze in my area.  I keep asking him if our homes are safe.  He will respond, yes.  That’s all I need.  My other friend Kerri is part of Emergency Services, and she’s been doing a great job at keeping me updated on the happenings of what’s going on.   Many people don’t have those “in’s” as we like to say in media.  But it’s helping me cope and get through.
Spaced Out Radio listeners have been great.  Your support, thoughts prayers, not only for me but for the fire crews, police, and emergency volunteers has been fantastic.  You all have been great.  Keep praying for rain.  Our men and women need it.  Your acceptance of our week of ‘Best Of’ shows has been above standard.  Your watching and sharing my Facebook Live videos has been incredible.  I have felt the love.  So have my friends and family.  You all are amazing people and I’m humbled by your support through all of this.  You have no idea how much all of you have helped with your well wishes and prayers.  We’re not out of the woods here yet, no pun intended but with your support, I feel we can conquer this together.
Until then, let it rain!
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